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Re: Recommendations for an Atypical Depressive jedi

Posted by novelagent on July 25, 2012, at 14:37:25

In reply to Re: Recommendations for an Atypical Depressive Cupcake1985, posted by jedi on July 24, 2012, at 2:45:29

I don't see why one would taker Nardil when 9mg of Emsam, while it would still require an MAOI diet at that dose, seems to be a more modern option... it would still be an MAOI-A at 9mg, but I took 10mg selegeline oral (before emsam was in the US) and didn't go on a diet. But I wouldn't try that at home, and encoueage taking an MAOI diet at 9mg of Emsam.

> I've been on Nardil for most of 14 years and it is the only medication out of 45+ combinations that has worked for my atypical depression. However, it can cause all of the side effects you mention. When depression is really serious and life threatening the side effects sometimes have to be lived with or medicated. IMHO MAOIs are the best medications for severe atypical depression. I had two failed trials of Parnate, but it is a MAOI that is not noted for sexual dysfunction, weight gain, or sedation. MAOIs did save my life when all other medications failed.
> Good Luck,
> Jedi
> > So after years of failed medication attempts and frustration with inadequate doctors, I've decided to take matters into my own hands. Throughout my weeks of intense research, I have found these Dr. Bob boards very helpful and interesting, and thought I might as well throw my problems out there and see if anyone has any much needed and welcomed advice. I'll try to keep this short, but my medical past is anything but...Thanks for anyone who has the patience to bear with me..
> >
> > Here's the "basics":
> > -I'm a 27 year-old female, and my first recollections of depression started between the ages of 8 and 10
> > -By age 13 I had been hospitalized twice for attempted suicide
> > -That year I was wrongfully diagnosed with bipolar disorder, although I have never in my life experienced a manic episode, (kinda wish I could sometimes) and was treated with numerous SSRI's and a short but horrid experience with lithium
> > -That year a new doctor diagnosed me with MDD and continued trials of more SSRI's and talk-therapy. We stopped when I received mild relief from Effexor 225 mg
> > -At age 16 I was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma and went through chemo for about a month and a half, I could not tolerate the year of treatment that I was prescribed
> > -A few years ago, when looking into meds that would aid in inhibition of the sexual dysfunction I was experiencing, my Dr. added in Wellbutrin 150 mg. We played around with XL and SR with not too much help besides some much welcomed weight loss
> > -This past year, as my fatigue, amotivation, and sexual dysfunction has been more and more debilitating, I decided to go off all meds (Effexor=HELL) and see a naturopath to see if we could determine the factors of my fatigue and depression. Besides a lowered immune system most likely from the chemo/cancer and Ebstein Barr Virus which I've had for years, and low testosterone, there was really nothing too incredibly wrong with me. I went on anti-virals for the EBV, did HRT for the testosterone, and several treatments to help with immune function
> > -My depression was rapidly worsening as months passed on no meds, after having been on high dose Effexor for 10+ years. We tried 5-HTP, desipramine, sertraline, buspirone, yohimbine, exercise, and a gluten free diet/liver detox with little to no noticeable benefit
> > -I asked if I could try stimulants to see if it would help with fatigue. I tried 100-200mg of provigil, 10-40 mg ritalin, and am currently on 20 mg adderall XR. I can still sleep 16 hours/day.
> > -I have never had an orgasm, nor ever been close to having one. I was hoping to experience one before I hit menopause :)
> >
> > So, out of desperation a couple months ago, I went back on Effexor XR 75 mg just for the time being while I do research. Just looking for any advice to help with fatigue/amotivation/depression that won't cause weight gain, sedation, or sexual dysfunction. I'm pretty sure I'm atypical depressive, and the only meds i have not yet tried are MAOI's.
> >
> > Thanks for those who read this novel, and for any advice or info you can give!




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