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Lou's request-cykidhaphrd

Posted by Lou Pilder on June 2, 2012, at 19:41:22

In reply to Lou's response-azyerdogdor xean, posted by Lou Pilder on June 2, 2012, at 16:43:20

> > After countless meds and years of therapy I had become hopeless a few times and attempted suicide. Twice I overdosed but the last time I had locked myself in my room. When I was found I needed 8 pints of blood and spent awhile in intensive care after which I spent time in a psych ward. Today I am so grateful that I hadn't succeeded because life is worth living and I have finally found what works for me. A good therapist and the right combination of meds. Just never give up you will eventually find what works. It took me 30 years of suffering and many psychiatrists and medications. Just don't give up you will find what works for you.
> xean,
> You wrote,[...after years of (mind-altering chemicals)...attempted will eventually find what works. It took me 30 years of suffering..many (mind-altering chemicals) will find what works for you...].
> I have also read the list of mind-altering chemicals that you now take together, Cymbalta,Lunest, tramadol, trazadone.
> Now the FDA has posted warnings on drugs that can increase suicdal thinking, so it is a possibility that when you thought of killing yourself, that those thoughts could have been induced in you by the drugs that you were taking then, if they are on the list that the FDA has warnings in a black-box. So if the ones that you are taking now have that warning, then you could have an increase in thinking about killing youself. There is a growing body of evidence to support the conclusion that those that take some of the psychotropic drugs could also have thoughts to commit mass-murder.
> The combination of drugs that you take could be deadly. There are CNS depressants combined that could supresss respiration and the combination could also potententiate the risk of serotonin syndrome which can be fatal. When the syndrome starts, one could have altered consciousness and confusion and hallucinations that could cause suicide or homocide thoughts and adverse physiological effects such as tachardia, siezures, (in particular with Tramadol and SSRIs) and could go into a coma. When and if one is lucky to be taken to an ER, how could the doctors know that serotonin syndrome has caused the coma?
> You see, I would like for you to have your psychiatrist, if one gave you these drugs, that gave you all these potentally fatal drugs togeather that could also cause a mind-altered state to compel you to want to kill yourself and/or others. In any discussion that we could have, I could provide him/her with educational material that I am prohibited by Mr. Hsiung to post here the could then be given to you. I think that the material could save your life or prevent you from getting a life-ruining condition or addiction.
> There were 42,000 people generally agreed by many that died ss a result from psychotropic drugs last year by one means or another. There is a school of thought that for each reported death, there are 100 unreported deaths. I am now leaning to the 100 to 1 ratio for when one dies of a heart attack while taking psychotropic drugs,the family of the dead one does not always have an autopsy to see what caused the heart attack.
> Now for those reading this that are considering getting mind-altering for life, from a psychiatrist, I ask for you to ask yourselves:
> A. Do you really want to take 30 years to find {the right combination}?
> B. What are the chances, if you know, of your death before the 30 years run?
> C. What are the chances of a life-ruining condition, if you know?
> D. What are the chances of addiction, if you know?
> E. Could you ask your doctor if he/she would give you such a combination of drugs, and if so, could you have him/her contact me?
> Lou

If you are considering being a discussant in this thread, I am requesting that you view the following videos.
If you could, I think that there could be some information unbeknownst to some that hold to the psychiatric theory of serotonin in relation to depression and such.
To view these videos:
A. Bring up Google
B. Type in:
[youtube, Dr Timothy Scott, serotonin]
There usually will be two at the top. I would like for you to view them.




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