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Re: What are these symptoms?

Posted by TiredofChemicals on April 29, 2012, at 11:42:09

In reply to What are these symptoms?, posted by Roslynn on April 21, 2012, at 11:16:35

> Hi, I have been having these symptoms lately and wonder what they indicate:
> negative thoughts, rumination, anxiety, strange dreams, panic/doom/"jump out of skin" feeling, the top of my head feels hot/churning, like there is a band around my head, mood is "ping-ponging" up and down, irritability, anger, extremely annoyed by little things,keyed up, feeling terrified, nightmarish quality of things, insomnia, songs running through my head faster and faster.
> Does this sound familiar to anyone?
> Thank you,
> Roslynn

You know what's funny!? I have had almost all of those symptoms and many other painful psychiatric conditions. The "funny" part to me was that they were exaggerated when I was seeing a psychiatrist.

You know? How they will give you a little form asking about the exact conditions that you are experiencing and more. But the kicker (for me) is that they're going to give you a; man-made chemical, or combination of chemicals to fix the problems that they suggest!

I hope not to discourage others in seeking psychiatric help.

For me, I believe now, that I was often taking psychiatric chemicals to improve conditions that, may have been present, but they were exaggerated when I would visit a psychiatrist.

Is it too much to consider that the psychiatrists are magnifying psychiatric conditions? Is it also possible that they are capitalizing on these conditions (through the power of suggestion)?

These doctors have a government issued and approved certification to dispense chemicals, that are dangerous and sometimes, produce life ruining conditions (as Lou calls them).

Is it also too much to consider that these doctors
have a already-built franchise with free will to dispense dangerous chemicals for conditions that they have exaggerated or even manufactured through the power of suggestion?

Is depression even a human condition at all? I believe that "depression" does exist. For me though, "depression" would not be the correct description towards my mental anguish.

I have come to realize (through ten years of psychiatric treatment) and also, some introspect and self evaluation as well as personal inventory of my "state of being" that I am just a miserable son of a bitch!

I am often a miserable person but it is not due to some recent life experiences or even some "chemical imbalance" in my brain that somehow developed.

I am a miserable person that goes all the way back to my earliest days and upbringing. There is no pill or chemical that is going to correct my "depression" because I am not depressed.

I am saddened and angry because of life experiences and; family, social, work abuse issues throughout my life!

If that is what has caused my "depression", there is no magic pill that is going to "fix" my present state of being.......well.......maybe ECT as it may wipe out bad memories of life experiences. lol

The option of giving me an ant-psychotic "medication" addresses my mental issues, in that,
ant-psychotics turn me into a zombie, not having the ability to feel good or bad! lol

I'll stick to my opiates and/or medical marijuana as they make me feel good, even euphoric at times! I am actually reducing my opiate intake so that I will be in a state of not being physically addicted to opiate pain killers.

Marijuana and all the issues that are involved with that benign (in my opinion) plant are in direct conflict with Big Pharmaceuticals and federal law for very specific reasons!

Big Pharmaceuticals don't want marijuana to be legalized as that would put a very big negative, economic impact in their wallet!

Federal government does not want marijuana legalized for many reasons as most of you are aware. Prohibition is not the answer in regards to marijuana. I believe that the majority of the american population is starting to realize this.

Many lives have been (and still are) being ruined from the laws surrounding marijuana. Is it too much to consider that the government is in better financial condition with laws that prohibit marijuana?

Consider also that, the government wants as much control over it's citizens that they can legally harass and take all physical property from individuals involved with marijuana.

That is a very powerful position to be in! I do not want the government to have that much control over the majority of, otherwise, law abiding citizens, except for the simple act of using marijuana for; responsible, recreational and medical uses!

I have direct knowledge of law enforcements illegal activity and involvement with marijuana. THAT to me is the most astounding and enraging (as it should you!) result of the laws against marijuana!

I may have gotten off topic.......sorry, had a buzz lol.





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