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Re: so what's the answer? JohnLA

Posted by SLS on April 27, 2012, at 6:27:59

In reply to Re: so what's the answer? SLS, posted by JohnLA on April 26, 2012, at 22:24:58

> hi scott-
> i don't know what the answers are. i'm just frustrated and scared and not getting better.
> your post reminds me of john lennon; 'there's no problems, only solutions,,,' and! tony robbins; 'focus 95% on the solution and 5% on the problem.' just wish depression was that easy...
> as you know i've tried ect, several drugs, talk therapy, group therapy, in/out-patient over the past 2+ years.

Yes. I have been through all of those things, too. It is indeed scary to have so many treatment modalities fail to produce results.

> sorta waiting to try ketamine now. but, i'm losing faith in psychiatry.

I never lost faith in psychiatry per se. I believe that the majority of research institutions are genuinely interested in finding answers. I did, however, lose faith that psychiatry would produce an effective set of new treatments that would have cured me during my lifetime.

> one thing i'd like to try, if i had the $, would be to go to a long-term facility out in nature. these do exist. kind of like the old school way of treating depression, pre shock and meds. many of the current ones are even 'working' farms where you have chores, therapy, meds (if needed), etc. most of these are also not 'lock-down' places either. the recommended stay is 9 to 12 months if you have severe mental issues. then, if need be, they can set you up at a half-way house.

I have been part of this type of residential program in the past. It helped set me up to live independently.

My grandfather had a "nervous breakdown" in the 1940s. He spent two weeks at a retreat in the mountains. Apparently, he came back feeling better.

> humans are creature of habit. i think depression for some people can become habit forming.

That's a great insight.

> it has for me. it's now been over 2 years of me mostly laying in bed, showering maybe once or twice a week and shaving even less. i have completely cut myself off from my old life. i was a high-functioning person before i went down mentally after several life stressors 2 years ago.

I can relate to this. After 20 years of sequestration from society, my very first foray into the reintroduction of socializing came with online newsgroup communities and Psycho-Babble. Later, I connected to society in real life when I began the residential program and entered a partial care milieu.

> i called my insurance one time and we spent quite a bit of time looking for some type of facility like the one's i mentioned above. no luck. the lady said too bad you don't have an addiction, because there were plenty of half-way homes, bucolic ranches, etc. that allowed unlimited stays for recovery. i've actually been thinking of doing just that and use my 1mg per day klonopin as an excuse to get into a environment where i will have daily activities for an extended time to change my current habits and thinking.

I admire your positive attitude and your drive to find constructive, life-enhancing alternatives.

> depression is so unique to each individual.

> the current model of focusing mostly on medication works for some, but not for others.

Part of the problem is that the word "depression" is used to label a wide variety of phenomena. To use the term "Major Depressive Disorder" helps to identify one set of depressions that have common elements in presentation and applied treatment methods.

> so scott, to wrap-up, there is one long-winded 'alternative' i wish was available to more of us that don't seem to respond to meds.

Your post was not at all long-winded.

Depression sucks. It obliterates people's lives and condemns one to a painful altered state of consciousness.

I wish I had a magic wand.

- Scott

Some see things as they are and ask why.
I dream of things that never were and ask why not.

- George Bernard Shaw




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