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Re: Psychosis from Cannibis

Posted by bleauberry on April 14, 2012, at 17:52:41

In reply to Re: Psychosis from Cannibis bleauberry, posted by SLS on April 14, 2012, at 6:25:12

Scott you asked some great questions I wish I knew the answers to all of them I don't. Strains highest in THC are generally sativa or sativa dominant hybrids. Weird thing though Scott, a doc once prescribed for me the pharmaceutical prescription THC pill for appetite stimulation and there was no psychoactive effect at all. So I dunno, it's probably a complicated interplay of ingredients that determines the outcome I would guess. I'm aware studies have looked at a possible relationship between chronic usage causing psychosis or chronic usage causing depression. I don't think it is as correlated as they tend to present it but, and actually I don't buy the premise at all, just being polite, but not being real familiar with all of the studies I don't know. As to how do we know when someone smoked too much, well, how do we know when someone drank too much? I mean, you just know. Any psychoactive substance taken in excess is going to do something undesired I think. Medical marijuana MDs teach patients how to dose properly, which usually involves lower doses than people use recreationally. Any bizarre undesired effects simply means the dose was too high. When dosed too high it can make symptoms worse instead of better. I'm sure every person is different. As with most herbal medicines, the primary ingredient within the whole is usually more broadly and potently effective than the isolated ingredient by itself.

> > > > Second, it was probably not an Indica dominant strain....those are the ones with the relaxation/antianxiety/sedation.
> > > How do the various strains differ with respect to the concentration of THC?
> > The concentration os THC is a factor of genetics and growing conditions, but primarily in the genetics. Whether a plant is from the indica family or the sativa family isn't that much of a factor, sort of.... Indica plants are high in other active chemicals such as CBN and CBD. Those are two variations of the multiple different types of cannibinoids in the plant. Most people assume THC is the active chemical but it alone is's the interaction and ratio relationship to the other cannibinoids that determines the effect of the plant....whether it will be psychoactive in a stimulating way, psychoactive in a sedative way, pain relieving, whatever. Some of the cannibinoids actually counter the psychoactive effects of THC, and those plants are especially useful for pain/anxiety.
> Yes. I am aware of this. THC and cannabidiol have opposite effects in the brain. I was hoping you could tell me which strains are highest and lowest in THC. THC seems to be the substance that is psychotomimetic.
> > I've had periods of being both on and off marijuana for long stretches over my life and like the other poster said, I have never heard of or encountered a psychotic episode from the plant.
> Well, I've tried the stuff, too, and I was put off to it because of the way it warped my sense of reality. I would hate to get stuck in that altered state of consciousness. I might represent the minority in this respect. However, that it happens at all is disturbing to me.
> Does THC produce psychosis? Does THC hasten the onset of psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia? There is a lot of science out there that says yes to these questions. Are all of these studies an artifact of some sort of conspiracy? I really don't know. I haven't researched the matter well enough to develop an opinion on this. However, one can certainly find enough published material to work with.
> What does it mean to say that one can "smoke too much"? What are the consequences of smoking too much? What happens? It seems to me that to say this is just a convenient way out of admitting that THC is psychotomimetic.
> I wish people would lobby for the identification and extraction of the therapeutic substances contained in marijuana and not advocate to distribute a substance containing THC.
> - Scott




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