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Lou's response-

Posted by Lou Pilder on March 25, 2012, at 16:52:29

In reply to Lou's response-plehseaboh zazenducke, posted by Lou Pilder on March 25, 2012, at 15:12:44

> > Scott how can you prove that the good feelings you are having now are NOT a placebo effect?
> >
> > What would change for you if that could be proven?
> >
> > I join with the others in wishing you only the best and may the Lord restore to you the years lost to the locusts.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > > > The only problem with them being honest, is that they risk loosing the placebo effect - and hence, most of their buisness.
> > >
> > >
> > > How often has the placebo effect worked for you?
> > >
> > > If never, then why not?
> > >
> > > If so, then why did you not remain well?
> > >
> > >
> > > - Scott
> >
> > zzduck,
> You wrote,[ can you prove...NOT a placebo effect?...].
> You have introduced an important concept here. It is a concept that marketers have used for hundreds of years. The people selling the stuff would go from town to town and advertise that they are selling "alligator oil" and by taking it one would be cured of baldness. They would have smiling ladies and men with hair that they pay to make people think that they were once bald and grew hair. They say in their presentation that you take it for 2 weeks and then you will see results. And they have a person that really grew hair after taking the alligator oil give their testimonial. Now this is before television.
> So a lot the bald people in the town buy the allligator oil and take it twice a day with meals. And days later a lady sees that he has hair growing where he was bald. She claims that the alligator oil made her grow hair. But unbeknownst to her, she had a condition that caused baldness that went away on its own and the alligator oil was not what caused his hair to grow back, for none of the other people in the town grew hair. But by knowing the succsess of the one person, which they thought was caused by the alligator oil, they thought that they had to keep taking it longer. So they kept taking it and unbeknownst to them there was an addictive constituant in the bottle of alligator oil. So they went to the next town to find the huckster and buy more of the alligator oil to avoid the withdrawal. Each day they had the hope of growing hair and as thousands of people bought the huckster's bottles of alligator oil, there became by chance, others that grew hair because their loss of hair was due to a medical condition that went away on its own, but they thought that the alligator oil was what caused their hair to grow. So over thousands of people, a few grew hair and they became the testimonials for the huckster and appeared in the shows to tell peiple that they grew hair from the alligator oil. Some people even grew hair by what is like a {conversion reaction} sort of like a placebo but different. But the alligator oil had no constituant in it to cause hair to grow, only an addictive substance to make people keep buying it. This was usually alcohol.
> Now when you see the smiling faces on the television commercials, remember the huckster.
> See you later, (redacted by respndent).
> Lou
> Friends,
The influence of advertising in television is enormous. But it is what is not seen in the commercials that could cost one their life or get a life-ruining condition or addiction.
Here is a commercial that I would like interested members to view.
To view this video;
A. Pull up Google
B. Type in:
[youtube, Pharmaceutical drug commercials]
Usually the first...time is 3 min...posted on Feb 12 2009...animation




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