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Re: Wellbutrin/bupropion makes me tired

Posted by bleauberry on March 9, 2012, at 12:56:19

In reply to Wellbutrin/bupropion makes me tired, posted by tensor on March 9, 2012, at 8:53:21

When I tried wellbutrin I had some weird stuff happen too. I ended up trying it 3 different times over a couple years just to be sure before I solidly ruled it out. Anyway, each time this is what happened.....really tired, total loss of sex drive and sex ability, intensely more depressed. Now, everyone knows wellbutrin is a stimulant and is pro-sex, right? And good for depression, right? One of the many myths of psychiatry. Just an interesting tidbit, but some other countries approved wellbutrin for smoking cessation because it demonstrated enough potential in that regard, but they did not approve it for depression because it did not demonstrate the same potential.

Mileage varies, sometimes a lot.

Why the paradoxical reaction? Good question. Well, let''s back up a minute. Do we know what is wrong inside the brain that is causing the depression? No. Do we know what the drug is actually doing? No. If we did know, can we describe how that fixes depression? Or why it doesn't in someone else? No. So how in the world could we possibly explain a paradoxical reaction when we can't even explain a desired reaction?

The important question though is....has it helped your depression at all? If it has, it might make sense to stay with it for at least 2 to 3 months for a fair test. Maybe you've already done that, don't know.

If it were me, I would lower the dose. If I couldn't accomplish that with the extended release versions then I would get the regulars instead. Basically what the tiredness tells me is that whatever the drug is doing within you, it is doing too much of it. Or doing too much too fast. Either way, doesn't matter, the dose is too high for your body....your body....not a statistical body.

In my opinion.

So how is it that a potent stimulant such as ritalin or adderall can take a hyperactive kid and calm them down? That's a paradoxical reaction, right? I mean, it is a desired reaction, but still, a stimulant that calms? Logic would say that a stimulant given to an already hyperactive person would pretty much send them over the edge into ultra extreme hyperactivity. Of course, with most people that is exactly what would happen. But if the brain is wired in a certain way....maybe dopamine receptors are too sensitive, or maybe not sensitive enough....then depending on that the outcomes are going to be strikingly different.

> Have been taking bupropion (XL) for a while now but it just makes me tired. I take 150mg, I tried 300mg for one day but that kept me in the couch the whole day and evening. I oversleep and have no insomnia. Why this paradoxical reaction?
> /t




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