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Lou's response-

Posted by Lou Pilder on March 4, 2012, at 11:59:58

In reply to Lou's response-wenwildhyehvrlurn displaced9, posted by Lou Pilder on March 4, 2012, at 11:40:28

> > Hi All,
> >
> > I had posted on here about about constant muscle tension/spasms/pain whilst taking Zoloft. I read that this is a rare side effect of Zoloft and thus slowly discontinued the Zoloft (from a dosage of 300mg/daily) down to 0. I then switched over to Remeron (Mirtazapine) going to a dose of 90 mg/daily. At this dose, I had substantial weight gain in a short time, and my anxiety was kind of "through the roof" although the muscle tension had gone away. After trying to stick out the Remeron for 2+ months, we decided to decrease the dose (and discontinue) and cross-over to Effexor XR. I now take Effexor XR 225mg/daily plus Wellbutrin XL 300mg/daily, and unfortunately my muscle tension is back. While not as bad as before, it can get pretty uncomfortable. I can only attribute this to either the Effexor or not taking the Remeron, since the WB was added well after I started Effexor and the muscle tension came back.
> >
> > I know that muscle tension / pain can be a sign of serotonin syndrome, but I have no other symptoms. In fact, I feel pretty fantastic with Effexor. My anxiety is under control and I am much more calm.
> >
> > Is it / could it be a side effect of anything that affects Serotonin to cause this muscle tension?
> >
> > I can take a Rx muscle relaxer but I don't want to rely on that. I bought Glycine and GABA last night as I read that can help, but wanted to get input on the muscle tension/pain.
> >
> > It is mostly my upper back/neck/shoulders but I can also feel the tension in my arms, legs, etc.
> >
> displaced9,
> You wrote the above.
> Now I have looked into your situation described here and find that there is a risk for you being killed by the drugs that you are taking.
> You see, the drug {Effexor} has a chemical similarity of an old drug, so you might want to understand if or if not Efexor is a new name for a knock-off of an old drug or not.
> The drug itself can cause death. But the combination of that drug with Wellbutrin could raise the chances of death. This could be as what you describe here in relation to the {muscle tension} until it is known for sure what the muscle tension is from.
> Now there is a lot that I would like members or readers here to know about Effexor that I am prohibited from posting here due to a prohibition made to me by Mr. Hsiung. Now I think that if that prohibition was not made to me here, that I could post educational material that IMHHO could save lives by the fact that more information could be used to make a more informed decision as to take this drug or not, for in that prohibited information there could be something that you or others could understand to have you make a better decision as to take the drug or not.
> Here is a link to show the percent of people that take effexor that result in death. Notice also that Wellbutrin was in some of the combinations with effexor in those that died.
> Now the percentage is given. But there is also the aspect of the drug(s) causing tardive dyskinesia. And then there are other aspects od life-ruining conditions as a result of the drugs which can be fatal.
> Now I see from what you wrote here a potential for you to die or get a life-ruing condition. I base this on what you wrote, and that last year around 42,000 people died from psychotropic drugs, but that figure could be 100 times that much as some think that reported events are only a small part of the total events.
> Lou


Now the combining of the drugs effexor and wellbutrin can have the effect of causing siezures and other consequences as well.
Here is a link that shows about siezures .




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