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the mj project; 1 week in...

Posted by JohnLA on January 17, 2012, at 14:53:23

In reply to med change to marijuana?, posted by JohnLA on January 10, 2012, at 20:41:18

thanks for all the replies guys. interesting points of view.

well, i have been using medical my for a week now and here is my experience so far. actually let me back-up a bit and start from the point when i got my medical card...

i met with a real doctor and we went over my history, both physical and mental. it wasn't too much different than going to a psychiatrist to be honest. he made no promises and stressed that for mental conditions 'less is more' when treating anxiety and depression. he also recommended that i 'eat' the weed instead of smoke it since i suffer from moderate asthma.

so, i get my card and i find a local marijuana 'pharmacy.' i'm not a 'stoner' but i would have to believe if you like marijuana you would be in heaven due to the amount and variety of marijuana products they had in this little shop.

similar to psych drugs there were all sorts of strains. i had done a bit of research before i ever went this route so i had an idea of what i was looking for. though i was hoping, just like a 'real' pharmacy i would get advice on what might work best. i was way wrong on that. the staff was very kind and all, but extremely young. all with no medical background. i was disappointed with this, but what did i expect? pretty naive of me to think there would be someone back there w/a white coat. side-bar; if people really want to get marijuana legalized properly i think it should be sold in a true pharmacy.

so, in the middle of asking questions to a young man behind the counter about what would be best for my depression i realized he had no real clue. or, no more real amount of info than i had...

so, just like i did with wellbutrin, cymbalta, effexor, lexapro. celexa and my remeron it was time to 'sample' a few strains.

as i mentioned earlier the prescribing doc recommended 'edibles' and that is what i got. some brownies, a candy bar, and muffins. i think i got about 5 different strains of weed.

i've tried 3 so far...

the first was a candy bar. tasted great. really it did. it was a medium strength bud. i took kust a tiny bite, maybe 3/4". right before bed. this along with remeron and 2mg klonopin. i woke-up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and i realized i was really stoned. and not in a good way. it has been a while since i had smoked. i felt more drunk than stoned actually. i was a little bummed. but! as it wore-off i had a very pleasnat relaxed feeling. and i didn't take any klonopin the next day. still, i realized this one was too strong.

a few nights later i tried a weaker strain. took half my klonopin dose (1mg) and my remeron 30mg. woke-up as usual in the middle of the night and felt a bit 'stoned' but nothing like the other stuff. way more mild and pleasant. went back to bed and then woke-up and had a good day, relatively speaking. again, took no klonopin during the day.

finally last night tried a 3rd product. again, cutting my klonopin in half and taking my usual remeron. this one was a little too strong, not as strong as the first one, but it was too much for me.

that's it so far. i have 2 more to try. actually a lot more to try really if i want to. not sure i will though.

i'm a little curious in trying some even weaker strains to see if it will allow me to get off the klonopin completely.

i agree w/many of you; if you try this route you need to be very careful on the amount you use, strain, and what other meds you are on. also, though i have not been psychotic this possibility would also motivate me to use as little as possible.

oh yeah, no side effects except a little mellow the next day and the 'munchies' are amazingly good.

i'll keep you posted.





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