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Lou's reply-phozdr Bollock

Posted by Lou Pilder on November 1, 2011, at 4:36:17

In reply to Re: Lou's response-htuohvlyph, posted by Bollock on October 30, 2011, at 10:58:07

> Lou, thanks for your reply. You seem to be suggesting a religious experience of some kind. For me, Buddhism has really opened my options. I don't think it is forbidden here to mention religion. Meditation, for example, has been shown to have many positive effects. Thoughts are influenced by other thoughts; moods are influenced by thoughts. There is a complex biochemistry going on, but we as whole people live in a connected world. A core set of unshakeable beliefs can help to provide resilience to the outside contrary world.
> Also, for an informed, but alternative biochemistry view of serotonin and nutrition, see I'm enjoying the articles there.

You wrote,[...biochemistry view of...forbiden to mention religion...].
I did go to that site and found what reinforces the view of many others in relation to what psychotropic drugs do to one's biochemistry. I have researched the historical development of psychotropic drugs from thousands of years ago to the present. I am prohibited here from posting a lot of facts concerning these drugs that have their origin in the years 1933 to 1945 and beyond that could be connected to {operation paperclip}. You could do your own search using[operation paperclip, psychiatrists, mind control]. This could involve {nerve agents}.
You could also go to the administration board and read the requests and notifications from me to Mr. Hsiung and his deputy that are outstanding. The administration then could control the content here by addresing or not notifications and requests to them for their rationale(s), and that could lead to an indoctrination of the members here. Looking at the outstanding requests that by the nature of the requets and notification being outstanding, IMHO could arouse antiisemitic feelings and could also lead to Jews being victims of antiisemitic violence. This could happen by the nature of that psychotropic drugs could induce a mind-alterd state in the taker of these drugs to want them to kill themselves and/or others. If they are in a community that fosters in any way that the 1 and 1/2 million Jewish children murderd and that were victims of atrocities commited against them, which have been determined to be crimes aganst humanity, can not have forgivness or eternal life because they (redacted by respondent) Jesus, then there is the potential IMHHO for those that have (reacted by respondent) Jesus, even if they were the murderers, fot theose murderers to have eternal life and forgivness even though they murdered Jewish children. Now Mr. Hsiung says that in his TOS that support takes precedence so if you read that post in question, you could see that my request for Mr. Hsiung to post there if he considers the statement supportive or not, is outstanding. Now others could think that the statement in question is supportive, could they not? And that IMHHHO is the foundation of hatred toward the Jews which could then be fosterd here until Mr. Hsiung posts here as to if or of not he considers the statement to be supportive.
There is a prohibition to me from Mr. Hsiung that I can not post here the foundation of Judiasm as revealed to me. But as long as the post in question that I am asking you to view on the admin board is outstanding,then is there not the aspect of there being two standards here? If not, and you do read the admin board, could you post here why there is not? And with two standards, could not some have (false) feelings of superiority toward Jews and others that do not accept the claim in question that {only} those that (redacted by respondent) Jesus have forgivness and eternal life?
Here is a link to a post that has a link to a site cataloging crimes committed by those on psychotropic drugs including murder.




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