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Re: seeing a professor of psychiatry Christ_empowered

Posted by g_g_g_unit on October 1, 2011, at 9:35:35

In reply to Re: seeing a professor of psychiatry, posted by Christ_empowered on October 1, 2011, at 9:12:06

> I saw a professor of psychiatry once. He pretty much went strictly by the latest research in terms of dosage (for me, stimulants...he probably Rx'd more than your work-a-day shrink would).

I was hoping a psych prof. might be more open to unorthodox combinations - TCAs + MAOIs, or at least RX'ing more than 30mg of Parnate (which, ridiculously enough, is the ceiling dose prescribed in Aus).
> I don't think better credentials translates into much when you're dealing with shrinks. S/he could be great, s/he could be mediocre; there's no way to tell based strictly on their credentials.

Yeah, I guess I was just curious whether psychiatry profs. might be very by-the-book in terms of treatment, with less consideration for the patients' overall level of functioning. Or if it was the opposite. I know it's hard to generalize, but I was just interested in canvassing peoples' experiences.

For example, my current psych wouldn't RX Memantine for OCD because he'd had no experience using it, but my GP was happy to let me walk away with a script that same day. I really like my psych, and respect him, so I wasn't upset with his decision, but I guess that's an example of a tendency to stick to the book vs. my GP's more liberal approach. My psych wants me to see this prof. and I plan on following through with it, but like you say, I've always had this notion that the more money you spend/more credentials someone has, the better treatment you'll get, and I was wondering if that was true. It'd be nice if it was that way - since things would be simpler - but I just don't wanna get my hopes up and end up on like a super-high SSRI dose + antipsychotic for OCD.
> Have you considered non-psychiatric means of dealing with your problems? I don't know your situation, so I'm not trying to tell you what to do, but sometimes psychiatry can be a path to destruction.

I see a cognitive-behavioural therapist for OCD. I would love to be off meds, but when I tried that for 6 months last year, I was pretty much bed-ridden and agoraphobic due to severe depression/anxiety. There's also the ADD to contend with. In my untreated, baseline state I can't really read, think, function.




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