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Re: so, in theory....

Posted by bleauberry on May 25, 2011, at 4:03:44

In reply to Re: so, in theory.... bleauberry, posted by floatingbridge on May 24, 2011, at 16:22:24

Nice response. Much appreciated. Heartfelt.

So for perspective, if you look in my car's glovebox or my pocket's pillbox, you'll find some meds....
I hardly ever use any. It's weird, I still carry them around as sort of comfort blankets or emergency flares. They can, at the right times, bring me more help than anything else. I just know that in regular usage or longterm usage, they carry a high price....for me anyway.

On the bright side you have some decent clues to work with. You know that tweeking serotonin is not what you avoiding any serotonin strategies narrows down the choices and helps to make future decisions. Now you are looking at primarily norepinephrine and/or dopamine. Just to know that is a huge step forward I think. That in itself still leaves a lot of questions, but at least is more info than you had before. So while the ssris weren't good for you, they did serve a useful purpose.

When we talk about mult-pronged or comprehensive, I'm not sure most people know what that means. To me it means....
-the healthiest food choices possible
-antimicrobial (bacterial, fungal, and viral)
-circulation and micro circulation
-hormone support
-gland support
-immune support
-vitamins/minerals....the right ones not just any common ones
-spiritualtiy, as in the Bible
-social involvement
-exercising of a talent or gift

You said after 3 months you realized you needed to get back on meds. Me too for sure. I did some bouncing around between my best meds....maybe a few days here, a couple weeks there, and so on. Not enough for any dramatic brain changes to happen, but enough to bring some short term blips....stepping stones I called them. Anyway, it was probably close to 2 years before I realized I was getting through life ok without them. That's why spirituality is so important....I could have never made it that far without the extra strength and "coincidences" of life that were clearly not of my own.

> BB, I appreciate your answer greatly. Thanks for giving it a go. I just know (in retrospect of course) that my ssri/snri wasn't helpful. They didn't address my symptoms, in *my* case--and I ceriainly refrain from generalizing this. By the end of my course of treatment I was using more meds to compensate more meds.
> That happens all the time, and I ain't knocking it. It's not what anyone
> wants, but there we are. We have to get by the best we know at any given moment. I believe that.
> I happen to need an AD after nearly four
> months off. I tried. Yes, multi-pronged is good. Also, there is no known pill for
> life.
> Was it Aristotle who said that only death was the cure to the illness of life? Maybe not him. I'll have to look that up.
> I am hoping that too much selectivity hasn't done a whack job on my brain.
> But I'm a mother, not a doctor. I just need to find a way to be reasonably alright.
> Dr. Phelps from said a small amont of progesterone could be
> worth a run past my pdoc. We'll see. But that won't replace an AD. Maybe helps mood dips.
> For some people, when things are amiss, they are both simply and profoundly
> amiss. I want to start making better risk
> choices. This is hard work. I barely understand this stuff.
> Yes, multi-promged, proactive is very good. I hope you are doing well enough or better in your life, playing music amd having more good days than bad by
> far :-) I appreciate your out of the box
> thinking.
> fb




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