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Lou's edu- Long-term use of Abilify questioned

Posted by Lou Pilder on May 18, 2011, at 18:16:43

In reply to Re: Lou's edu- Long-term use of Abilify questioned, posted by Lou Pilder on May 17, 2011, at 17:01:29

> > herpills,
> > Thank you for posting about the questioning of the long-term use of the drug called Abilify.
> > You see, there is a great amount of information that if people were to know of it {before} they take these mind-altering drugs, that there could be a more informed person so that the decision to take these drugs or not could be determined by the taker with more understanding as to the long-term or short-term consequences to them if they take the chemical into their system.
> > Now how many people that take Abilify know what chemicals are in the pill that they take into their system? Does the pill prescriber tell them before they go to the pharmacy and have the pills bottled for them?
> > Now I have studied the organic chemistry of these mind-altering drugs from their use thousands of years ago up to 1945. In particular but not limited to {nerve agents} {insecticides}and {dyes}. Now It did not stop in 1945 but was continued and to understand this I am not permitted by the owner of this site to post here about that. But you could do your own search about {operation paperclip} or [I.G. Farben} or {Rockefeller and mass murder} or just {psychiatry and the holocaust} or {T4}.
> > There are directives to me here from the owner of this site to not post here where you can find this information. I wonder why. And I wonder what he means by not posting {where} you could find this information. Here I am not posting {where} you could find it as to go to a particular web site or such. I have made the request to Mr. Hsiung here as to clarify what he means so that I can respond to him and he has not yet posted here a reply to me concerning this and other concerns that you could see on the admin board going back years. So I do not know even if I could post a link to a newspaper article that gives the historical record of the issuess in question. But I think that you could do your own discovery by seaching on your own by topic as I have requested here such as looking up {operation paperclip}. That could be a good place to start or looking up {I.G. Farben} on your own, not me telling you where you could find this information.
> > So let it be with the prohibitions. I come to save lives here, not to ruin them. So let us look at what is in Abilify.
> > Abilify is a chemical that has in its make-up the chemical {naphthalene}. Now naphthalene is a distillation product from coal tar. It is two benzene rings fused. {did you see my post about benzene causing cancer}? Mothballs are naphthalene. The vapors buid up in the closed area that they are put in and kill insects. So naphthalene is poisonous substance to insects and was also used to kill parasites in cattle. Some countries outlaw naphthalene mothballs due to their toxicity.
> > Now thousands of years ago {sorcerers} used fungus in mind-altering drugs. Hallucinogens are in some mushrooms and other fungus. There is a species of fungus that produces naphthalene. All of this that I am posting here I can be tie in to show you what has been {goin' on} for thousands of years and now the liturature states that about 42,000 people died from psychiatric drugs last year and that the stats show a geometric progression to lead to that in the future if people are continued to be given these drugs to increase geometrically the number of deaths from the drugs. How many deaths from these drugs will it take before (redacted by responndent) can be seen? And how many times must {redacted by respondent} before one is {redacted by respondent}? The answer, my friend, I am prohibited from posting here, the answer I am prohibited from posting here.
> > Lou
> Friends,
> The aspect of that Abilify has in its chemical make-up naphthalene. let me clarify this.
> In the following site, naphthalene is listed as a {key hotword}. But I think that the naphthalene is not part of the structure chemically of Abilify, but perhaps part of the chemical structure of the process of making the tablet. If that is so, then as to if naphthalene is a chemical that goes into thhe system or not of the one that takes it, I do not know.
> Here is the site and you can see at the top under {hot keywords} that naphthalene is mentioned. The site does not say as to why it is a keyword thatI can find.
> Lou

The question at hand is what is in the chemical compostion of {Abilify}. In my research concerning the use of mind-altering drugs in the history of those that used them to alter the minds of others to control them or kill them or to supply halluncinogenic drugs in {religious practices}, I found much concerning the use of fungi, mushrooms, ergots, peppers and such that went into the drugs that the ancients used. In the midevil period and beyond, coal-tar and petrol extracts were used such as benzene and naphthalene.
Now in relation to Abilify, I said that there was Naphthalene in the chemicals in that drug. What I now have seen is that the two benzene rings fused in the chemical structure of Abilify is what Naphthallene is an analog of. That is called {quinolinone}.
Here is a link that shows the chemical structure and you can see the two hexagons fused.
Then you can also see that there is {piperazin} in the chemical structure. That is a synthetic that is close to the natural drug from a peppper plant used by the ancient {sorcerers} to alter the mind of others.
The construction of ABILIFY then, has the potential to produce a mind-altered state from these chemicals. Sadly, this drug can kill you and I have the list of those that commited suicide while on this drug and the list of those that died while on the drug. These are public records.




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