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Re: advice on overseas pharmacies.... » europerep

Posted by floatingbridge on May 6, 2011, at 20:23:13

In reply to Re: advice on overseas pharmacies.... » floatingbridge, posted by europerep on May 6, 2011, at 17:14:12

> Hi!

Hey! You're back! :-)

How was your vacation ;-)?
> I know I have a kind of atypical approach to doing all these things,

And I love it...!

but I would definitely say: go for it!
> I mean, technically I too am law-abiding and everything - seriously! - but when it comes to my health, I don't make any compromises. My favorite
story in that regard is obviously how - after trying really hard to get a psychiatrist to prescribe me just a small amount of buprenorphine to see if it worked - I finished seeing a new doc pretending to have developed a heroin addiction for which I wanted to get
buprenorphine as a substitution/maintenance treatment. And voilą, whereas before I couldn't even get a lousy 10 x 0.2mg temgesic blister, I was basically thrown at with 2mg tablets of Subutex. I still can't believe how easy that was.

OMG that is pretty priceless. You've got hutzpah. I don't think I could pull that off.

> More seriously though:
> If you think it can help you, don't waste your time thinking about whether or not to do it. You recently mentioned MAOIs were still an option for you. I wouldn't dismiss them really, but if you're not ready for an MAOI yet, then go with tianeptine. I don't know if by "online pharmacy" you mean "without a prescription", but even if so, you wouldn't get into big trouble if the thing was seized by customs. As a first-time "offender", and tianeptine not being a
controlled substance, I would think it would be no big deal.

Could a non-scheduled substance be seized? I hadn't gotten that far in
thought.... I'd hate to lose the money. And knowing me, I'd have procrastinated ordering....

> Also, for me, my buprenorphine story is actually one of the few things that have happened in the past years that I am proud of. I wanted something, and despite my illness I was able to get it. Of
course it didn't work for me, but the story is still good, and it helped me to move another step forward in terms of treatments had.
> So, yeah, in short, don't worry about it and try it out if you think that's what you
should do!
> Good luck!

Thanks eurorep. I do have a little story from today. I called my gp, the one who is pushing the norco taper (reducing it has been very beneficial), and yet, not providing any plan for me other than meditation and Qi gong. I do have an order in hand from her own osteopath that I do need pain meds. Finally, after white-knuckling through days of not enough--like yesterday having to decide if I take my medication now, I won't last until afternoon. I called her up and told her I need to bump up back to a max of 20mg. She said, well the lesson I take from this is next time to taper more slowly. I paused and said the lesson I learned was not to taper past a certain comfort zone until I had a real replacement plan in place. Then she's asking if I need a scrip for the weekend, some patients do o.k. managing monthly doses on their own... It was an interesting shift.

Any who, day three of emsam has been sweet. Really. Go figure. I think stablon is contraindicated for maoi's. But maybe I won't want it? I just don't know. But I am doing my research because I've experienced some doctors withholding treatment, others tossing stuff at me (I'm fairly med sensitive.)

I like your spirit :D

Good to hear from you.

*moving mountains one pebble at a time since lifting is contraindicated....

c-ptsd & attendant health issues




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