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Re: Heavy Load To Carry

Posted by floatingbridge on November 1, 2010, at 15:24:26

In reply to Re: Heavy Load To Carry floatingbridge, posted by lamictal on November 1, 2010, at 13:08:50

> Dear Floating
> Some family members know of my disability. At times they will make remarks such as are you still in depression. They believe it is something that just ends. Maybe for some but I tell them I am mostly in remission.

Yeah. Me too. I think for some it's a way of giving positive support. Then again, some people are plain uncomfortable. Depression and MI are elephants in my family's living room. Amongst the siblings there is denial, finger pointing, and righteousness--a very anti-med
family, stiff upper lip, etc. Only one sib and I can really talk. That helps.

> I sense a bit of anger or agitation as if I am a slaker looking as if i'm looking for attention and maybe faking an illness. I have chronic depression and will never will end without medication.

Oh dear. Me too. Right now my MIL is unhinged because I think she finally 'gets' my condition. She has begun to treat me harshly and rudely after many years of amiability. She is very new age
in that she believes people make themselves sick. She treats my FIL with parkensons atrociously. He takes it. I don't. I really could use extended family support, but it's not in the cards.

> It is not a situation that I enjoy. People who are not experiencing this just do not
understand. That is why for me it is a heavy and at times a lonely burden. Than God I found drugs that put me in remission. I have added Geodon and that
plus the lamictal have put me in an almost full remission.
Near full remission! That is wonderful. Thank goodness you've found good meds, AND that you have worked
towards this. Congratulations :)

> I was walking in the house today and I
was amazed that I was like a normal person. I didn't feel sad and hopeless. I
hope that is what most people feel like.

I think that is how most people feel. I
have felt it for a time when near remission. Feels very good! Enjoy :)

> Do you know what I mean? Do you mind sharing your situation. I am grateful that you asked me. That is very
kind and thoughtful. Deep sigh
> Regards
> Queen of L

Hi Queen of L, I'm having a bit of a backslide. Hopefully a med tuneup soon will help. I think my new signature is on. Major Depression, c-ptsd, chronic
fatigue. Now the fatigue is tough to explain, too. Tough for me to accept as
real. That I have times when I'm too tired to sit up and do something I'd like to do. It's very intermittent.

You know that depressed people are advised to avoid other depressed
people ;)

Are you new here? I don't recall you....

Thank you for asking--it was kind of you, too.

Continuing best wishes for you,


C-PTSD currently set to twitch. MDD and comorbid health issues. Chronic fatigue and pain.




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