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Re: To Cheryl-Lynne Anhedonia

Posted by Conundrum on October 30, 2010, at 15:19:53

In reply to Re: To Cheryl-Lynne Anhedonia, posted by ggggg123 on October 30, 2010, at 13:01:16

> did you not poop out on prozac? maybe low dose prozac with a dopaminergic could be a good strategy. I think it is worse when withdrawaing from the drug. How was the aripiprazole, that is supposed to increase dopamine, did you feel any benefit? cheers

Hi again,

Well what happened with me and prozac was that I had been taking it successfully for years and while studying music in boston, I stopped taking it cuz I ran out. Being me, I didn't take the time to get it filled and, I remember my pdoc, saying because it has a long half life, you don't need to ween off of it. So after taking it for 4.5 years I stopped it abruptly. Akathesia, the feeling to constantly keep moving, anhedonia, and anxiety ensued. I saw a doctor in Boston and got a new script and when I went back on it I felt like I was in another world. I just felt awful, although I think the akathesia went away, the anhedonia stayed.

So if there is a moral to the story, its that if you find something that works, don't stop it, cuz it might not work again! AND don't stop psych drugs abruptly, even if its got a 2 week half life.

Now I can take a low dose, 5mg every other day, and get some motivation. I've tried adding ritalin to it, but it did not help. I would think ritalin would be one of the more powerful dopaminergics around. (Ritalin does help me if I'm really sad, not anhedonic. It has a very artificial rescue effect.)

Given that Pristiq added some "color" to my world, I tend to think I have a norepinephrine deficiency. Pristiq does not have the DRI effects that the parent drug, Effexor has.

Aripiprazole, hmm. At 2 mg I noticed a feeling that I had a lot of energy and wanted to get things done, similar to a cup of coffee, but this feeling lasted for a couple days. I noticed another boost at 2.5 mg, and then a fade. At 5mg I felt worse, it just made my head feel weird, I went back to 2.5 and felt that boost again, and then a fade.

I'm curious about taking that low dose of prozac with desipramine, or nortriptyline.

Right now I'm on tianeptine, so I won't be taking any SRI drug while I'm on it.

Since remeron felt like a stronger prozac, I wonder what combining remeron with an SNRI would be like. I think the 5 HT2A/C antagonism of remeron works better with SRI action, this is the mechanism by which low dose prozac increases norepinephrine and dopamine in the prefrontal cortex.

Oh also abilify, only increase dopamine in the prefrontal cortex, not in the striatum or nucleus accumbens, and at higher doses it decreases dopamine in the reward regions of the brain.

The motivation from remeron and low dose prozac felt more natural than abilify which seemed, kind of hyper and robotic.

Complaints: post-SSRI problems: anhedonia, memory and concentration problems, sexual dysfunction. )
Currently taking mirtazapine and tianeptine




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