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Re: Anxiety/Fatigue/Muscle Stiffness/Depression

Posted by bleauberry on April 4, 2010, at 18:24:20

In reply to Re: Anxiety/Fatigue/Muscle Stiffness/Depression, posted by bulldog2 on April 4, 2010, at 17:47:56

> > I have back disc, spurs, narrowing of spinal columm, osteoporosis and the infection control specialist just gave me soma for the muscle cramping and tightness. I didn't do well with it last night. So for now none. But that might be an option? I am positive for 12 years for lymes and was treated two years now still positive on doxycycline and it seems to also help pain. Phillipa

> Have you ever been tested for MS? You keep go round and round on the lyme's wagon and you have been treated with antibiotics more than once. Since lyme's and MS can present similar symtoms perhaps an MS test is inorder.

I have come to know this topic very well. Indeed MS and lyme can look identical.

MS has in fact been improved and even totally cured by treating it as if lyme was the conditioni instead. And because the cure happened on antibiotics, when the disease was MS, the logical conclusion is it wasn't MS, even though it had the MRI brain lesions and everything. It was lyme.

So, MS can be treated with anti-lyme treatments. But, the reverse is hardly ever true. All that can be done for MS is to ease the symptoms and slow the progression of the disease. There is nothing to stop it or cure it. That is, unless it is lyme in disguise.

For someone testing positive for lyme and displaying the clinical presentation of lyme, it would be a disaster to instead embark on treating it as if it was MS. Even if a clinical exam for MS was done and showed brain lesions of MS, again, that happens with lyme. And supposing it was in fact MS, there isn't much you can do about that, so why put a big emphasis on that path?

Patients like Phillipa that have long histories of treating lyme are not unusual. There is much we don't know. The organisms rapidly mutate and change. There is no single antibiotic protocol that works for everyone. The one Phillipa is on may not be the right choice. There are several others much more potent against lyme. And it could very well be the co-infections of bartonella and babesia and playing major roles here, neither of which will be impacted at all by the meds phillipa is currently taken or has taken in the past.

Chronic late lyme is a long road. But there exist many happy endings. It takes a lot of persistence, patience, and trials of various approaches.

I don't think it is MS. Even if it was, it would not change a thing.

On this topic I think it deserves mention, since most people are not aware, that the term lyme is a very broad term. We're talking borellia, bartonella, babesia, and a limitless myriad of complications anywhere in the person's physiology. Lyme is a whole bunch of stuff lumped into one small word.




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