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Posted by rjlockhart04-08 on November 18, 2009, at 16:03:45

In reply to Re: Deterieting from nonstimulant treatment, posted by JohnnyBLinux on November 15, 2009, at 23:59:17

I've called my doctor about not being able to focus and the options are to either go to 522mg on Aplenzin [another form of wellbutrin]. Strattera has been used about twice before and seriously the first time I tried it, i wanted it to work, i did notice some attention and alertness where more after about 4-5 weeks. Yet at the time I was taking Adderall XR 30mg twice daily, because I had Horrid grades, and it helped. What happened was the "stupidy" of abusing something that eventually is going to cause a 'effect' from doing that, i just look back and say that was "stupid" and I have alot of innerteroil against myself because it was all impulsivity and not being a responsible person. Yet this medication was the vary thing, Parnate, people with depression that medication is very effective yet it's only used when other treatement's have failed, I take Prozac 60mg and Aplenzin 322mg [wellbutrin] and that helps some, but it doesnt bring you up to a level that it increases productivity, it just keeps you from depression. Yet sometimes If you get a mindstate that you feel "hopeless" and start feeling sad, antidepressant's can't work unless change of mind is there.

What my doctor recommeneded, and i don't know if it's going to happen is getting a SPECT scan and actually "looking" where dopamine levels are low, and if a stimulant is needed from the readings then he said he would prescibe it, yet I think you have to sign a contract that you will take it correct and the side effect's are not responsible to the presciber because of risk. Seriously, this is just silly because I take all medications correctly, it's just those [stimulants] that I over took and it just got a bad rep, and I paid for it.

My doctor does tend, if there is a risk of abuse, which it's like this....if you have risk of "speeding" in the car, insurace will go up, maybe you will stop "speeding" and do exactly what the law say's but you still have to pay the price of risk. And that's a bad analogy to say this medication is "speed" because there are people who is yet it's the only correctly thing that helps with function to a normal level.

Things I do, are so messy and lose, the social relms are hard because there is just not something stimulanted in the brain, and amphetamine corrected this imbalance.

Also on scare tactic's that some psychiatric hospital's use, one time I had to commit myself because I just couldnt function, and they saw the Xanax dosage that I took, immididatly she said "so, rj...have you been taking too much Xanax?" no...that's the prescibed amount. I get what you mean by scare tactic's yet it didnt convice her anyother other way because people who are stingy in belief, usally stay that way.





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