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Re: Sorry to everyone.- To delna delna

Posted by bulldog2 on October 26, 2009, at 15:40:58

In reply to Sorry to everyone., posted by delna on October 26, 2009, at 4:55:40

> Hi all,
> I'm so sorry if my last 2 posts on this thread sound judgmental and opinionated.I feel ashamed at how I come across :(
> I am not looking to debate/argue and I wish I could just remove them both because I can see people getting upset/annoyed by them.
> It was foolish for me to post them in the first place as my purpose for being here is 100% for support and nothing else. Definitely not to 'sound off'!
> I meant no harm, truly... but I do want to nip this in the bud before it offends/upsets anyone. That was certainly not my intention.
> I really appreciate how supportive people on this site have been- I cannot emphasis that enough. To think I could have made anyone here feel bad is an unbearable thought.
> Of course, people are free to say what they like and on whatever board they want to, its actually none of my business. If I was not happy with a thread I should have not read it. Or commented on it anyway. That was destructive behavior and I'm very ashamed and sorry.
> I know this is no excuse but I am coming off the darn Parnate and it is making me so edgy. That's probably why I did something so impulsive. But still that does not excuse my posts. My posts may not be rude but they are argumentative and totally out of character. They also mislead as to my true purpose for being here- to support and be supported.
> I hope you can be understanding with me and forgive my stupidity.
> Anyway, I hope there are no hard feelings.....
> So again I apologize and hope that no one took it personally.
> Take care
> All my love
> D


You have no need to apoligize to anyone. You raise a very legitimate point of view. This is a medication board with a certain purpose. There is an alternative med board with a set purpose.

To the person who talks of freedom of speech thats absurd. There is an alternative med board for your viewpoints.I don't see med people coming to the alt forum and waging debates that alternative medicine is crap.

It seems that anti med people constantly rant and rave on this board about their view points. I find that rude and selfish. Expound all you wish on the other forum. Babble was set up that way for a reason though no one enforces the rules.

People come here for specific info and they end up being barraged by other topics. You undermine them in their treatment. Let them find out if something works or doesn't.

Like some said I wouldn't go into a Hindu Temple and rant about the merits of Christianity. It's common courtesy and has nothing to do about freedom of speech.

I've been on other mental health forums and see nothing like the constant warfare and bickering that goes on here. There a discussion of drugs, people experiences on them etc. People don't barge in and rant about amino acids, mercury fillings etc.

This place is getting out of control. Now wonder people leave.

Delna you were right to say what you said. Don't let them bully you.




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