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Re: Help on this...

Posted by bleauberry on October 24, 2009, at 20:31:49

In reply to Help on this..., posted by rjlockhart04-08 on October 24, 2009, at 15:00:30

Could be several things...

Blood sugar instability. You could get a testing meter and supplies (WalMart cheapest) and start taking blood drop readings before meals, after meals, especially during times of your symptoms, just to see if something unusual is going on...rule it in or rule it out. Do this everyday for a week or two and keep a log of your readings.

Buy some caprylic acid (a supplement made from coconut) or grapefruit seed extract or pau d'arco or oil of oregano. Whichever you buy, go right straight to a standard or high dose. See what happens. If your symptoms get a lot worse beginning the 3rd to 5th day and/or you feel flu-like you likely have a significant Candida overgrowth problem, and/or another unsuspected infection. The sugar cravings and your other symptoms are just so hallmark of this that it stood out as a very obvious possibility. Why get worse? That is called a Herxheimer reaction...your body flooded with more toxins than it can quickly expel from the dead and dying body parts of pathogens, most likely yeast/fungi/candida from the description of your symptoms. Easily treated with Diflucan or those herbs. Unfortunately, that Herx is an unavoidable stepping stone on the way to feeling better. No matter how much we wish it didn't happen, it does not feel good to have millions of dead body parts in us. Once they are gone, clear sailing.

The other test is more expensive and requires an integrative or alternative MD or naturopath, which is the Adrenal STress Index test to see what your cortisol is doing. Adrenal fatigue can look like what you describe. It's a saliva sample test taken 4 times throughout a 24 hour period.

Maybe you are allergic to something you commonly eat? I wouldn't suspect it strongly, but still it is worth keeping a log of what you eat and drink, and when, to see if there is a pattern. Gluten sensitivity and dairy sensitivity is more common than people think it is. You can also do the elimination diet to see for sure. Do not eat anything with wheat, barley, oats, rye, or barley malt ingredient, for a week. Eat a bunch of rice things instead. See if the symptoms improve, or if they come back with a vengeance once you start eating those things again. Do the same the next week with dairy products.

As for the stimulating things, you already mentioned amisulpride...low dose 25mg - 50mg. Tyrosine supplements and/or dlpa supplements. Tyrsosine 150mg to 500mg once to twice a day on empty stomach. Probably the premier substance I know of to fit what you are looking for is Rhodiola Rosea. Siberian Ginseng can be good for your symptoms also, but it needs to be a potent tincture form, not the pills, and the only one I know of that is of equal or stronger potency than the ones in Russian studies is made by HerbPharm. Of anything I can think of, I would place my bets on Rhodiola. It has to be a good standardized brand, like Ameriden, or Mind Body Spirit.

Something is causing your symptoms. So I would approach this from two angles. One, treat the symptoms now for improved quality of life. Two, do some detective work to find out what is causing them so you can intervene.




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