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Re: Is Becoming Med Free a Reality?

Posted by Buckeye Fan on October 23, 2009, at 8:11:00

In reply to Re: Is Becoming Med Free a Reality? Buckeye Fan, posted by SLS on October 23, 2009, at 5:47:28

> > Just wanting some opinions gang....after 10-15 years of using an AD and a there any hope I could become med free ?
> >
> > Would my system eventually return to it's pre-med state?
> I imagine you will have some people encouraging you to either stop or maintain drug treatment based upon their own experiences or the opinions they have developed over time for various reasons.
> I would say that it is possible to discontinue medications and remain well, especially if the medications have been taken for over a year and are tapered gradually. However, there is always the danger that if one goes on to relapse, returning to the same drugs will be rendered ineffective. It is a gamble. =======================================================

Thanks for joining in SLS....
You make a statement I have heard or read several other times during my research, namely...that once a tapered has occurred...and major symptoms return, that THE SAME DRUGS WILL BE RENDERED INEFFECTIVE........any idea WHY this is?
As I stated, I have read this on more than one occassion, but never remember reading an explanation as to why this may occur.
Anyone with knowledge and/or experience on this ....I would welcome your input...

However, one can get a better idea of what to bet on based upon their diagnosis and case history.

Since this is a sharing, helping website and resource...I would like to answer your questions that I might get some opinions on my personal options.

> - What is your current diagnosis or symptom cluster?

MY CURRENT SYMPTOM IS DEPRESSION....and was diagnosed by a PDoc as moderately to severely depressed.
He switched my medication from 200mg's of Zoloft, to 50 mg's of Pristiq.
I had been on Zoloft since the late 1990's...but over the period between Nov 2008 and July mood steadily worsened, and it seemed the Zoloft was no longer effective.

> - How old were you when your depression emerged?

In hindsight...I guess I had a few episodes of depression as a child, I was always anxious, coming from an alcoholic environment in childhood
so I would have to say ANXIETY was the hallmark of my emotional life since those early years.

To the best of my recollection, I had my first Major Depressive Episode as a Senior in High School....then another 4 years later while in College. This episode was accompanied by my first full-blown Panic Attack.
I sought no treatment...and gradually came out of the depression in time ( many months...close to a year and a half later)

I then had a major depression free period for the next 8 years. I cannot explain why...I just know that the several isolated incidents in my past never came to my mind, I knew very little ( almost nothing) about depression back then...nor that my extreme anxiety was not "normal" )

Then about 15 years ago I had a series of Panic Attacks, and sleep disturbances that grew increasingly worse.....causing me to seek treatment. First with Xanax...and then a couple years later Zoloft was added to the mix.

> - How many episodes of depression did you have before starting your current medication regime?

A continual and worsening depression for 9 months

How long were you continuously depressed for before starting treatment?

About 9 months.....

> - Is there any family history of mental illness?

Yes.....though undiagnosed.
My father was I have 50% of my medical past a mystery. I do remember that he self-medicated with alcohol, was pretty insecure antisocial and withdrawn.

On my Mother's side...I have been able to see in her ( she is still living) a definite pattern of mood swings, depression, all untreated since she gives no credibility to mental illness treatment
She is "Old School" in her thinking, and was raised with 10 siblings in an alcoholic family.
ased on my observaton over the years of her and her siblings....there is indeed a history of mental illness in our family line.

> - Scott

Wow...that is the first time I have put all that down in writing.
It would appear that I have inherited a genetic pre disposition to depression and anxiety.
So the question is....can I become Med Free now..after being on Meds for roughly HALF of my adult life.





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