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Re: Is Becoming Med Free a Reality?

Posted by Buckeye Fan on October 22, 2009, at 6:43:48

In reply to Re: Is Becoming Med Free a Reality?, posted by bleauberry on October 21, 2009, at 19:04:21

Bleauberry, you wrote:

"Did I get immemdiate depression relief from my amalgam removal? Unfortunately, no. Do other people? Amazingly, many do. Their stories can be seen in the archives of chelation, thyroid, autism, and adrenal forums. For sure, a vast majority of people do experience noticeable improvement of symptoms rather quickly when amalgams are removed, even without chelation. I wasn't one of them. But then, I didn't know at the time there was more to my story than just amalgams. The amalgams, if anything, had probably weakened me overall enough that other things could take a strong hold than they would have been able to do otherwise.
Can a specific diet really help? In almost every case, yes. There are different kinds of diets. Protein heavy diets for many. Gluten free and/or casseine (dairy) free diets. Carb/plant/fat/low-protein diets (anti-inflammatory, great for Lyme, arthritis, MS, Lupus). What is the expected journey? About 2 months of feeling worse...long story...healing stuff going on...then slow gradual recovery. Benefits are seen in 6 to 12 months. For some people, such as someone gluten sensitive but didn't know it, benefits can come very rapidly.
As far as herbs go, when mood altering herbs don't work for you, it is in my mind a pretty clear indication that something else besides the mind is at fault. In which case a liver herb, circulation herbs, antimicrobial herbs, anti-inflammatory herbs, immune regulating herbs, and adaptogen herbs would be the more likely routes to improved mood than the mood herbs"

Thanks for all the info, and for sharing the real life results you have experienced.
The key word here is probabley - BALANCE- in my humble opinion.
As you pointed out....each one's journey is highly individualized. What works for one of us, may not work for another...and visa-versa.
Again ( not wanting to beat a dead horse) but P drugs are different than other more exacting medications.
For example, if you have 100 people with high-blood overwhelming percentage approaching 100% WILL react to blood -pressure medication, by experiencing a DROP in their BP after starting treatment. While some of the 100 may beed a slightly different BP Med...ALL will show a measurable drop in blood pressure with the proper med, dose and time.

Take the same 100 people and give them a Psych Med...and a much lower percentage will respond with such precise cause-and-effect.

So much more enters into the equation when dealing with our brain, emotions,and such a varied individual backround that we each have lived. The Blood Pressure medicine will work for most people, regardless of Culture, upbringing, enviromental issues, etc....

Not so with the Medications we take for our emotional health.

"Dr Bob's is a place to share information and support. That's what I do. There is a disclaimer that says to not believe everything you read. I say to you, do not listen to anything I have said. Go your own way. In your own time, in your own way, make your own discoveries. In the meantime, when you disagree with knowledge that you don't know anything about, don't attack the person. Attack the knowledge if it is faulty. Show how it is faulty. But please don't attack the person."

I am thankful for this resource and the input of the hundreds that contribute.
I would suggest that we do keep in mind that we are on this Site because we are all sick and seeking help.
It stands to reason that we are going to be emotional at times in our posts....even passionate ( ...sometimes depending on the mood we are in on any particuliar day ! lol )
Tolerance, understanding and an open mind will probabley help us ALL HELP EACH OTHER..





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