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Re: Is Becoming Med Free a Reality?

Posted by bleauberry on October 21, 2009, at 19:04:21

In reply to Re: Is Becoming Med Free a Reality?, posted by bulldog2 on October 21, 2009, at 10:01:54

I'm confused. Did you not just submit a post claiming years and thousands of dollars on alternative herbs? That means you must know a lot in that area, right?

Here's my confusion. There are a couple herbs that are not only healthy to consume, but also reduce blood pressure with clinical equivalence to prescription meds. Have you tried those? Which ones?

> > Just wanting some opinions gang....after 10-15 years of using an AD and a there any hope I could become med free ?
> >
> > Would my system eventually return to it's pre-med state?
> >
> > BF
> I don't think anyone wants to be on meds. I wish I didn't need high blood pressure meds but I'm glad their available to keep my bp under control.
> If you want to try living without meds give it a shot. But my advice to you is get back on them asap if you find yourself spiraling back into mental illness. My friend maybe be greatful they work for you and give you a life. How many here are still looking for a combo that will take away their misery and achieve remission. Just some of my thoughts.

Everyone's "correct road" is different. For every case where a psychiatric med had a favorable longterm outcome (10-30 years), there are at least as many that did so by stopping psych meds and pursuing other health concerns instead, which in turn fixed the mental problems. Some people need meds for life, even if they don't work great. Some people don't. I personally know one lady who was so psychotic and uncontrolled on meds they had given up hope for her. Today she takes a handful of supplements and is so healthy and bouncy you would never know she had ever been sick in her life. (In this case, Glycine was the magic supplement) For someone else, the miracle story was maybe Effexor. For someone else, someone right here at pbabble, any attempts to do anything different than the steady dose of Nardil results in deterioration. Otherwise, they are extremely well.

Looking ahead 15 years into the future, the one on Glycine is probably still living well, the one on Effexor had poopout years ago and now has a backpack full of med failures. The one who had amalgams removed, did chelation, and did two years of anti-Lyme treatment, still requires a small dose of an AD and a handful of supplements to stay well...a lot of organic damage had been done....bottom line, everyone's road is different.

We are each in charge of our own lives and given the responsible duty to do the best we can with it. My stance is that the psychiatrict toolbox can be stepping stone, a foundation, a cure, or a failure, but no matter what it is for any particular person, it is too narrow in scope to address the entire physiology at hand in whatever mood disorder is in concern, except in the occassional event where it is a longterm cure all by itself.




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