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Re: Is Becoming Med Free a Reality? bulldog2

Posted by bleauberry on October 21, 2009, at 18:42:04

In reply to Re: Is Becoming Med Free a Reality? Meltingpot, posted by bulldog2 on October 21, 2009, at 9:27:55

> By the way over the past year Bleauberry has mentioned trying different ad's and stopping them because of sides I guess. So I guess he is not in remission if he is still trying ad's.

Did someone say I was in remission? Cool. I didn't know that. In re-reading my posts, I certainly never even came close to claiming that. Where did you get that from? Who made that up?

Trying meds? Definitely. I don't rule anything out. Nothing. It's just that every time I do try a med, it is either: 1)no better than anything else, 2)or worse.

> On another note I have spent the last 40 years pursuing diet,exercise, vitamins,minerals,amino acids, and many aspects of alternative medicine. I've read books about the latest miracle cures for years. I have spent thousands of dollars on accupuncture,eastern medicine,herbs,lyme's cures etc. Frankly it has not worked.

....Valiant efforts. I applaud you for that. You are not alone. You are not the only one fighting lifelong illnesses and not getting where you want.

After 40 years I will no longer read any books or spend any more money pursuing the latest theory on how to cure all our health problems.

...I find that a shame. The next book might have been the one. As for theories, I don't like them and never pursue them. There has to be at least some evidence anecdotal or scientific. I don't think anyone should ever give up learning.

> Some years ago I started going to an alternative health doctor. He told me he had once been on Nardil for depression and it had worked well. Evenetually he married and moved. About a year later I found out that he had fallen into a deep depression and killed himself. This was a shock to me.

...If cherry-picking bad outcomes to determine an overall view of something is the strategy, then count me out of that game. My favorite side of the fence is the postive side. There is enough doom and gloom already I don't want to embrace it on purpose.

> If you have years to look and thousands to spend on alternative medicine be my guest. Maybe you'll be luckier than I was.

...Add up the doctor bills, psychiatry bills, and prescription bills from the time you first sought treatment until the time you are in remission...let me know what that total sum is. Since insurance doesn't pay for alternatives, to keep it fair, make sure to include the amounts of your copay as well as what the insurance company pays for you. We want the total cost of treatment regardless of who paid, and of course, the outcome.

I just don't believe in it any more. To many unsubstantiated claims and often the research is suspect.

...Yeah, I saw that in the Paxil research. The studies that were locked away from the FDA because they failed to show any difference from placebo. Actually, most meds have those studies that were not submitted to the FDA. Research does look pretty good when you can cherry pick your best performances and hide the not-so-good ones. Of course, even the good ones leave a lot to be desired. And I recall the suicide cases in Cymbalta where the clinical trial patients did not previously have was for pain. Granted, our scientific research is probably the best, or second best, in the world. But still, I view everything with a sense of awareness before diving in.

The preferred combination for me includes these three things together: 1)science, 2)experience of the experienced, 3)what my own eyes see.

If I had to do it all over again I would stick with diet and exercise but I would not have done the rest.I just don't believe there are any miracle cures out there.

...I do not believe there are either. Whether it is something like waiting 3 months for Rhodiola to kick in for someone, or in an amalgam case 2 years of grueling chelation, or in a Lyme case 12 months of feeling like death on a wide variety of substances at a total cost of $2000 to $30,000, someone going through the agony of being brought to the edge of death on chemotherapy for weeks and months, or the person finally finding the right psych combo after 2o years, I don't see any miracle cures. I see people fighting for their lives.

The ones that eventually win are the ones that never give up, and keep trying, keep learning, and trying new things.




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