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Re: Is Becoming Med Free a Reality?

Posted by bleauberry on October 21, 2009, at 18:15:35

In reply to Re: Is Becoming Med Free a Reality?, posted by Meltingpot on October 21, 2009, at 7:12:02

> Bleuberry,
> I know we are not supposed to say anything derogatory about another persons opinions and I know you are a very intelligent person and I know that I am going to get barred for saying this sometimes I think you talk utter crap.

...I hope you do not get barred, and I do not see that you said anything derogatory here at all.

> The only thing I agree with you on is in relation to thyroid problems and Adrenal problems.

...I'm sorry abou that. If anyone thinks that thyroid and adrenal are the only things in the body that could go awry and cause mood problems, well, they can certainly make their own choice to believe whatever they want.

> Since when has anybody gone from feeling suicidally depressed and anxious and then had their fillings removed and suddenly felt right again?!!! Since when has anybody gone from feeling suicidally depressed and anxiety and then switched to the Atkins diet and felt ok again?.

What I find interesting is that usually a few weeks or a few months after I say something here that causes someone else, like you in this case, to blow a gasket, someone else comes along with a link of a scientific study saying the exact thing I said, and all of a sudden it is viewed as the newest greatest discovery. Garbage turns into gold, depending on who says it.

If you don't believe certains things, I can see you attacking the idea, but you don't need to attack the person. Make your case that amalgams don't cause depression, but don't shoot the person who says it does. Shoot the idea not the person. If you can.

It is human natur, I feel, to accept what we want to believe and to turn our nose up at what we don't want to...all completely based on emotion, without a credible unbiased effort at gathering some information first.

> It's great that you have been off medication for three years but I think that the fact that you are off them and are not looking for the nearest exit route suggests that you are not that bad.

No, chronic late stage Lyme with cork-screw shaped ugly little things drilling holes in your brain and skin is no big deal. Neither are the Babesia worms wiggling around in there. It's not that bad. No big deal. Seriously though, don't try it. Stay away from ticks.

And no, seeing a line named Mercury on a at the bottom, yellow in the middle, red at the top...with your own line in the middle of the red is no big deal. That line that says lead, the one that is even higher than mercury line, no big deal. Just because those are two of the most toxic substances on the planet and they are hanging out forever in your receptors and glands doesn't mean anything in terms of mood disorders.

> Maybe you would say that you are able to manage without medication because you have changed your diet, removed your amalgram fillings and copper pipes from your house and have taken one of the herbs that you have listed but all I can say then is a) that your diet must have been absolutely awful before and b) you are getting some kind of placebo affect from the alternative meds (they do jack sh*t for me) or maybe I'm just jealous.

Yeah my diet was aweful...donuts for breakfast, coffee all day, fast food burgers and fries and shakes for lunch, and maybe a half decent dinner because I didn't have to cook it.

I'm not getting a placebo effect from herbs because in fact the opposite happens...the mood altering herbs, just the like mood altering meds, either do not help me or make me worse. I would love to experience a placebo effect, but they have been absent. The mercury and the bugs screw everything up pretty bad.

You have nothing to be jealous of. I'm not in great shape. I am fighting to be in better shape than I am. I know what problems must be tackled head on. Psychiatric meds won't do that. I wish they would. It would be a lot easier. But as we all see ourselves, the psych world isn't any easier. The outcomes are usually not very good in the longrun.

> But I had to respond because I often get angry when I read your posts and I always have to bite my tongue (in this case fingers).

I don't understand why? Oh well. I would think someone who is ill would want to learn all they can about healing. When someone closes the entire world out so that the only thing in their sight is a psychatric toolbox, it is to me a shame.

> Denise

Did I get immemdiate depression relief from my amalgam removal? Unfortunately, no. Do other people? Amazingly, many do. Their stories can be seen in the archives of chelation, thyroid, autism, and adrenal forums. For sure, a vast majority of people do experience noticeable improvement of symptoms rather quickly when amalgams are removed, even without chelation. I wasn't one of them. But then, I didn't know at the time there was more to my story than just amalgams. The amalgams, if anything, had probably weakened me overall enough that other things could take a strong hold than they would have been able to do otherwise.

Can a specific diet really help? In almost every case, yes. There are different kinds of diets. Protein heavy diets for many. Gluten free and/or casseine (dairy) free diets. Carb/plant/fat/low-protein diets (anti-inflammatory, great for Lyme, arthritis, MS, Lupus). What is the expected journey? About 2 months of feeling worse...long story...healing stuff going on...then slow gradual recovery. Benefits are seen in 6 to 12 months. For some people, such as someone gluten sensitive but didn't know it, benefits can come very rapidly.

As far as herbs go, when mood altering herbs don't work for you, it is in my mind a pretty clear indication that something else besides the mind is at fault. In which case a liver herb, circulation herbs, antimicrobial herbs, anti-inflammatory herbs, immune regulating herbs, and adaptogen herbs would be the more likely routes to improved mood than the mood herbs.

Dr Bob's is a place to share information and support. That's what I do. There is a disclaimer that says to not believe everything you read. I say to you, do not listen to anything I have said. Go your own way. In your own time, in your own way, make your own discoveries. In the meantime, when you disagree with knowledge that you don't know anything about, don't attack the person. Attack the knowledge if it is faulty. Show how it is faulty. But please don't attack the person.




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