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Parnate and me

Posted by Sunbath on October 12, 2009, at 17:55:25

Hi you all :)

I just wanted to update you on my progess on Parnate!
It has been a miracle drug for me so far!
It's just WOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My social anxiety is reduced by a lot!It's also not troubling me anymore to leave my room and to go out to university and meeting people. My OCD symptoms (mainly obsessional thoughts) are also at a near zero level at the moment!
I have never EVER experienced such strong positive, antidepressant effects from taking ANY antidepressant (and I really took them all.. or at least the most of them: venlafaxine, milnacipran, mirtazapine, all the ssris except fluvoxamine, reboxetine, tianeptine, risperdal, seroquel, geodon, amisulpride, fluanxol + melitracen and others)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also -something that is very noticeable- I have MUCH more energy during the day! Things like tidying my rooms, going out, or doing simple things like doing the dishes aren't draining my energy at all anymore! It's so easy to do things for me! It feels like a big burden has finally fallen off me!Something I had for many MANY years! I didn't feel any better for at least 9 years!
But this is only since 10 days so far and I'm very anxious that these effects could be transient! What do you think?
The first week I felt terrible! I was extremely tired and exhausted all days all day long! Then nearly out of a sudden this tiredness left me and the positive effects started! This was after only about 10 days! It was also when I upped my dose to 40mg/day. (I started at 20mg/day.. ) I know that this is a very fast increase in dose and so I even more fear that these great effects I'm experiencing could just be acute effects and not lasting ones! (I'm at my 20th day now) What do you, more experienced Parnate users think about that?
I didn't imagine what an impact a drug could have on my life!!! It's really unbelieveable! I really hope that it will last!
There are also side effects of course: for example I'm feeling very tired in late afternoon but am very vigil at night and I'm quite constipated and I am suffering from insomnia too! I'm taking 200mg of trazodone with Parnate but I also took a benzo with it the first 14 days (1mg of temazepam). I'm quite sensitive to benzos and I already had to increase my dose to 2mg.. so I tried to come off it and I had some very poor nights sleep wise... also I quit drinking 3 days before (which I've been doing the last 3-6 months, cannot remember) so that's a bit rough for me at the moment.. I'm quite desperate but I think that I can and will manage the insomnia!

That's the only problems and they are really worth it so far!

Thanks a lot to all of you who are giving away so much informations about drugs.. especially Scott!
Without you I'd probably never had pushed my pdoc to try any MAOI and also I'd probably never had found Dr. Gillmans site which is a truely amazing source of informations!
THANK YOU DEAR BABBLERS! I really hope that you all will find your meds one time! And of course I really hope that parnate will be mine for some time :)

About the afternoon drowsiness: I've tried to get my pdoc to try a stimulant but it's very difficult.. it's nearly considered unethical to prescribe one if the patient isn't diagnosed as having ADHD! But I will continue trying..

Do you think that the insomnia could improve too if I took some methylphenidat or modafinil during afternoon drowsiness? Or would it exacerbate insomnia at night? I think I read something about methylphenidat having a half life of about 4 hours.. so it really shouldn't interfere with sleep so much if taken only once a day.

What do you think?

Also i'd be quite interested about as why so many of you are taking modafinil as it's sooo expensive.. is methylphenidat a not so good drug with parnate? I ask because the article Scott was reffering to one time, by those 2 Harvard Medical School professors in Current Psychiatry 2002 also recommended methylphenidat! And methylphenidat is soooo cheap now!

I really don't know what to do about it.. if my pdoc won't prescribe a stimulant I could get it anyway from a befriended doc who would be willing to prescribe methylphenidat or modafinil... should I do that? I really would like to fight the insomnia at night and be more awake during the afteroons!

THANKS for some info!!!

Have a nice week all of you!




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