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Re: new to MAOIs lots of food ?'s

Posted by ColoradoSnowflake on October 12, 2009, at 13:10:46

In reply to new to MAOIs lots of food ?'s, posted by yah-yah on October 10, 2009, at 9:08:56

Hi Sara:
I've been on Parnate for 6 months. I take 70mg/day. Luckily, I haven't had any food or medication problems.

I think the reason everything you read about the MAOI Diet is so vague is because every person reacts so differently, plus it depends on how much you have eaten of an offending food etc etc.

I was extremely careful at first. I wrote down every single little tidbit of food I ate, or drank, or meds I took. I also bought a blood pressure cuff and took my BP before and after eating questionable foods. I did that for several weeks....a pain you know where, but it was very informative for me, personally.

I wanted very much to drink coffee with caffeine which is a no no. I started with one teaspoon, which raised my BP. I took a little more each day and within 6 weeks I could drink all the coffee I wanted. I haven't done that with anything else. Coffee is a big deal to me.

I have found that I eat much more simply. I used to eat a lot of frozen, prepared stuff which I don't any more. I stay away from almost all sauces and condiments.
I have found that MSG and potentially moldy things set me off the most. MSG is in everything. And I have to look for Hydrolyzed anything because that breaks down immediately into MSG. Also, the ingredient list can say "Natural Flavoring" and that can be MSG. MSG is in just about everything!!
Mold is in a lot of stuff, also. Peanut Butter! one of my favorite standby's usually has mold on the peanuts its made from. So I have to stay away from all peanut butter and peanuts. Other nuts vary. Some are worse than others so I don't eat very many nuts.
I also stay away from soy products except fresh soy like edamame, soy milk etc is ok. But tofu or kefir etc. isn't.
Mozarella is funny. If it's cheap, for pizza chains etc its ok. If its higher grade its more iffy, more likely to be aged.
Same with Parmesan...the cheaper the less likely to be aged. But I wouldn't do much of it.
You kind of have to feel it out for yourself.

There is so much you CAN eat, that for me, I just forget about the stuff I can't eat, leave it alone, and don't worry about it any more.
Dr. Bob has a list of foods to avoid right here on this site.
It gets really easy after awhile. Honest!

What I'm worried about now is getting sick. A cold or the flue. All the over-the-counter stuff I usually take is now off limits.

I'd love to know what bobbiedobbs and other "old hats" at this use for colds and flu and coughs and bronchitis????????? My flu and colds usually trigger asthma( broncho-dilator albuterol?) and then I get bronchitis or pneumonia. I try to be pro-active. How do you do that with all the cough and decongestant No No's??

It all seems really hard at first but it gets VERY easy. I'm sure it will with the over the counter stuff, too.

And it's so worth it!! Parnate has been the first AD that has really worked for me!! I love it.
So press on!!

If you have any questions I might answer, just ask!

Good luck,




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