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Re: Modern biochemistry and humanity

Posted by garnet71 on April 25, 2009, at 23:09:51

In reply to Re: Modern biochemistry and humanity garnet71, posted by metric on April 25, 2009, at 18:03:44

Well actually Ireland and India were next on my list for states to visit, and I'll eventually get to Scotland. Just about every country in the world is on my list. lol

This whole thing started from fantasies I have after my bf took me on a trip to San Pedro, Belize. We stayed here, it was sooo romantic:

Oh, there was the most beautiful, romantic wedding there I've ever seen-right there on the beach. And the bride didn't wear shoes! After 3 days, the small wedding party left and it wasn't crowded at all-there were only about 5 other couples there. It was such a wonderful place, and lots of activities around the area.

So bf started being the *ssh*l* he was, so I just got sick of it, wanted to enjoy my time there so I snuck away from the resort, and started walking towards dowtown San Pedro which was about a mile or 2 away. I just figured I'd find some bar or resort in the city to hang out at and get away from him after visiting the art and botique shops since I had his credit card. It's really a nice little city.

While walking on the side of the road, an (American) woman driving in a golf cart stopped and asked me if I needed a ride. Her 10 year old son was in the back of the golf cart. So I got in and it was like this woman knew EXACTLY what I was dealing with (a narcissist). Somehow she knew I had upped and left him-before I mentioned anything about myself. SHE mentioned, so you left to get away from your bf (something to that effect). We really hit it off like some planned destiny. She was my angel that day-literally. And so I had asked her how she came about moving to Belize, and she said just to get away...sick of the coporate world...something to that effect..but I had this uncanny feeling she took off with her son, defected to San Pedro, because of her husband and/or a custody situation, though we didn't even discuss that.

She dropped me off in the city and said she lived right next door to Victoria House-literally--and that I could stop by anytime. I don't even remember her name, but I do remember her son's name.

So later in the week, I kept (sort of) looking around for her house but for some reason couldn't see it around the resort. But not looking seriously and I kind of just blew it off.

Well ever since, I had regretted not stopping over and seeing her. It's strange how you come across people that are meant to be in your life (for a reason or season-how does that saying go?). Maybe it seems i make more of it then it actually is, but I can't help thinking this way. I've had to many coincidences that were too unlikely or strange to be coincidences, not that this was a good example of one of them.

I fantasize about moving there like that woman, and in my fantasies sometimes, we are buddies and hang out, like best friends. lol I really wish I went and visited that woman at her house. It's strange I've thought of her so many times since. I want to go back there some day, and look her up. It's small enough of a city that I could probably find her by asking around.

Anyway, I got him back, the boyfriend. He didn't know how much the trip costed until he got his credit card bill in the mail weeks later. Prior to the trip, he had told me to make all the arrangements and had given me one of his cc's. I picked the most expensive place that was available in the area. lol. And ordered $100 bottles of champagne. Yep.

Yeah-in real life-watch, guys. I teach young, naive women about this, so don't become a jerk.

So there's the real life story behind my fantasy :)




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