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Re: dextro

Posted by rjlockheart on April 24, 2009, at 13:54:20

In reply to dextro, posted by garnet71 on April 24, 2009, at 7:10:05

dextroamphetamine, is a stimulant. It's half the Isomer of "Amphetamine" which actually, when it was made, it was 50%D-amp/50%levo-amp
D-Amp: effects most times, directly on dopamine transporter to release more into the nerve synapse, there for, increased motivation, focus, doing things that you don't, lost intrest in (depression). Not used, much...anymore, but in somecases, with an antidepressant/dexedrine, it helps. Just not a standard, anymore.

Levoamphetamine doesnt have much "focus", it doenst act on the brain, it's more on the respitory, and alertness, through release of some norephinephrine, which sometimes, Adderall is better for alertness, and focus.

So you have to understand, all forms, cause drowsiness, tiredness, irrtiblity, it just depends on the person.

Methyphendidate, Ritilin is short acting 2 hours, usally, and actually it has more "bad side" effects than "Amphetamine" it'self. Alot of Mood changes, Concerta (unique release mechanism, long-acting), or the "Daytrana" patch, or "on scheduele" redosing of the pill form, which you would have to redose every 2-3 hours. I took Rililin a long, ? 11 years ago, it didnt work, and i rerember it made me more, upset about "ridicoulous" things. Caused Depression, at low doses, i couldnt stand it.

The only thing, amphetamine has been around, released I believe since 1937, 1932? to the market for use, in depression, low-energy depression, appitite suppressant, eventually it was found "effective" back then what was called "Minimal Brain Dysphuntion(misspelled, sorry)" is now, ADD, ADHD.

World War II, "combat survival kits" which had medical supplies to treat cut's, wounds, some anti-bacterial/anti-virus, so...there would not be infection. "Benzedrine" was supplied for "sustained awakeness" usally for "constantly being aware, alert".

Main point: depends on the person, and the stimulant, some react better to Caffine, it depends, diffrent nerves, transmitters, or just the personality/construction of the brain, it react's diffrent to "anything" in life, that's what makes "individuality"




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