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Re: Remeron for sleep - Perpetual brain fog detroitpistons

Posted by VIncent_QC on April 17, 2009, at 8:22:38

In reply to Re: Remeron for sleep - Perpetual brain fog Neal, posted by detroitpistons on February 25, 2009, at 13:56:20

> Remeron is actually quite good with sleep. Everybody is different so don't give it up without a good try. Benzos are the heavy artillery for sleep, but they are addicting, and quite hard to get off, esp. the longer acting ones.
> >
> > you might check the earlier thread about gabapentin. It is also a sleep aide (off label) and clears the body quickly.

Like I always say, everyone is different!!!

Long acting benzo are not a certain way, they are more good because you don't feel the crave for them 2 hours after taking a dose... Short half-life are A WAY more ADDICTING then the long acting ones... Xanax can get you addicted in less time than 1 week...and I have a lot of doubt about the "efficacity of 0.25mg to help to sleep"!!! In fact, the benzo who make me more sleepy is the Valium, in my experience, not good to prevent the panic attack or for social anxiety or general anxiety...but when you jump into the Valium it's because it will be more easy to decrease the daily dose you take and withdrawh it... they do them in 2mg format pill...0.5 mg of Xanax = 10mg of Valium...0.25 = 5 mg of Valium... Try to cut a 0.25 pill of Xanax to do the withdrawh, you will see what i'm talking about... The Valium in 2 mg pill if perfect, you can cut it in 4 pieces...make the withdraw more easy... the rules, 1 mg cut every can be long if you take 20mg at first but that's worth the try...

Remeron... mixed feeling about it... weight gain...a lot of nightmares... horrible dizness feeling in the morning... the more highg is your dosage, the less good you will sleep on it. 7,5mg help to sleep more than 15mg ...more than 30mg don't help to sleep and make you tired the day after...45mg is totally unecessary, 60mg make you tired and energic at the same time... I still don't like the Remeron at all, especially as a sleep agent...

Trazodone can help but is the worst in my experience for induce sleep...the day after is horrible...

I'm taking 50mg of Seroquel now to induce sleep... Work great the first month, start to loose power after 1 month, now i'm thinking about increase it to 75mg, maybe 100mg... At this dosage, like d/r write, the Seroquel don't affect the weight gain or worse the anxiety because of the DA action of this med...

For the Gabapentin, I don't know why people see it as a good choice for inducing sleeping... Seriously, I take it at the maximum dosage for 3 months (3600mg/day) with 8mg of Rivotril and I was a lot active at the time... I never felt any sedation from fact, apart the numb effect everywhere on my body, the Gabapentin do nothing on me. LYRICA , who is a more long half-life kind of Gabapentin, is MORE good to induce sleep!!! One 50mg of it can make you needed to find your bed the more fast you can and jump into it!!!

Thats my experience... and I also found that any meds who help to induce sleep, make the quality of sleep less good... Sometimes I wonder if a 3 hours of sleep without anything is not better than 5 hours with the Seroquel...




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