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Re: TCA not good for SAD+GAD+lack motivation/energy desolationrower

Posted by Vincent_QC on March 29, 2009, at 9:16:20

In reply to Re: TCA not good for SAD+GAD+lack motivation/energy Vincent_QC, posted by desolationrower on March 29, 2009, at 2:09:42

> hey vincent.
> these are things i'd be interested in, arrange to some degree with most improtant at top. its waht i can think of as being worth checking, though please keep in mind this is the kind of thing an MD can hlep with, and i do'nt know much about bypass surgery and its effects, or obesity sequelae (although ive read a lot about preventing weight gain). and test could be expensive if not covered with insurance, although seeing how treatment resistant you are, looking around for problems in less likely places seems worth it. but i will write a list, of things that might be abnormal and cause problems, and maybe something will show up that your doctor will be able to treat. also i'm not 100% on which tests are needed, for some systems there are multiple tests, and you may only need some of them to check for a problem, but further tests to know what is causing the problem. i think they usually come in combination 'panels'.
> also, while i am thinking about it, i think it might be quite helpful if you used nicotine patches/lozenge to reduce smoking. have you tried this? also smokers withdrawal from nicotine at night, if you wake up and smoke right away, it might be causing sleep problems, and a patch worn at night might help.
> check for sure, 25-Hydroxy vitamin D (it should includes concentration of total 25OHD, 25OHD2, and 25OHD3)
> i think you said you do get tested for vitamin A? i think keeping an eye on this. but while most people i would say, take beta-carotene, there was a study indicating beta-c supp with smoking increases cancer risk. and eating more veggies (with a bit of olive oil on top, same time of day as taking fishoil and other oils) might not work as well with bypass, although its never a bad idea. getting d, A, and w-3 from cod liver oil would probably be a good idea, for a cheap source since you sound deficient in both? and getting lutein and zanthaxin(sp) woudl be good, important for eye health. also, taking vitamin K, while not useful psychiatricaly that i know, is good for health, epscially with the risk factors you have, i think you should definatly take that too.
> ANd vitamin E in multis is not good quality, get gelcap type mixed tocotrienol/tocopherol (there are 4 each-8total). that probably won't help psychiatric things, but good for health. it might be testable, but maybe wait till you get things worked out and can make some diet improvements to go about testing everything like that.
> not sure i'd bother with something like b12 test, just get those methylcobalimin lozenges and take one a day. but also getting folate is important too, but you are getting enough of that? probably would show up on blood tests for aneamia.
> also do you take mineral supplements? ca, mg, zn especially. citrate forms and zinc gluconate is good. actually you know if its me i'd probably end up taking a few things like that, a trace mineral, b-vitamin complex, etc, instead of a multivitamin, to be sure i got the most absorbable form. of course it makes it more of a hasle to have more containers of pills to take everyday, and they don't do much good if you don't take them then because its so complicated. i think these are more helpful for good health, but also i think while not going to have antidepressant effect on their own, will improve response, when all the different things are there, and your health is better. but there should be good values, it can be complicated, but shouldn't be too expensive.
> i think you said you had thyroid (not just TSH, but t3 and t4 check out, and it was ok?) if so, i wouldn't bother rechecking unless it was borderline
> should be checked: hormones
> testosterone, free, total
> estradiol, progesterone
> maybe dhea, prolactin, dht, fsh & lh, those seem to be included most of the time with other hormone panels.
> should be checked: some kind of cortisol/DSM suppression. maybe include Aldosterone and Renin, crh, and/or acth
> maybe show something:CYTOKINE PANEL - IL1b, IL6, IL8, TNF alpha. these tend to be disturbed with depression, but they usually aren't a specific disease, or treatable. but might be useful to know, since you are kind of lost for ideas.
> if you know something isn't working, like you are iron deficient, you should really try to get that to normal range: i don't know if you need to take a larger dose, or add vitamin C, or try eating red meat (might reduce appetite a bit more than protein shake, though pick lean)? (oh also while mentioning, probably would be good to eat some skim yoghurt with 'live active cultures'(not pasteurized after the bacteria grow), with various bacteria strains. the stoneyfield yoghurt is the one i get, there is probably different brands for you.) I really don't know in context of the bypass. but if you have something like that, doctor should be getting it to normal. otherwise how does it help to test?
> hm that was long and disorganized, ask me if that didn't make sense. obviously we need someone here who has a large prescription for dexedrine to organize.
> also you said you walked a lot before? maybe get a dog to take out for a walk in the park would be good, get out of the hosue, a reason to chat up people, etc.
> -d/r

Hi d/r!!!!

MAny thanks!!!! I ask you in another post this morning about this blood test!!! I will print this and ask this to my family doctor... I Still don'T know what he will be able to do with the results...

First, don't worry for's cover here...all the test are cover...100%...

Yeah, the by-pass is not the one who have in the's a unique one... that part of the intestine who was by-pass that's more than 5/6 of the intestine... I have 1 meter of fonctionnal intestine on the 6 avaible meters...make a total of 4 hours of digestive of the normal 12 hours for a normal person... so if a med have a peak plasma level of 6 hours... forget it...that's sure I will not absord it at 100%... any XR release are out of question...or I need to crush them...but the question is to know if the med will survive the gastric acid???

Here a link for the a picture of the will see how it's working now inside...

Ok for the list of Vitamins I Take each day, it'S all good vitamins...don't know the forms of them...if it's sulfate or anything else...I take what they give to's high level of vitamins not avaible OCT, you need a prescription to get them... some of them are so high they can be toxic for a normal person: Vit A 30 000 Units day, Vit D 50 000 units, B6 50mg, B12 1000mg, Calcium 1200mg, Iron 1200mg, Vit K ??? liquid form... Once a month treatment Venofer... I take also some meds... Flagil (antibiotics, larger specter, for my intestine) 10 days/month..., Cotazym (help to digest the food)... I eat plenty of yogourt with bacteria as well as taking a pills with naturals nacterias...20 millions inside a small pills, 10 differents sources of bacterias I's expensives, 60 $ for a small 60 pills bottle...and I never trust naturals products...they never help fact, I feel more puffed...and I have a lot of gazzzzzz....sorry!!! lol The yogurt I eat is the brand "Activia"... a good one...

One example...I take huge amount of Vitamine D each day ... one pill of 50 000 units by day... that's a level who is toxic for a normal person... sometimes, my blood test come out with a result of a just to the acceptable limit of vitamie D level!!! Vitamie D is fat lipid absorbation vitamine...mean that it's absorbed in the first part of the intestine... Too bad, it's the part of my intestine who was removed first... All the fat I eat end in the toilet...and trust me... whan I write it ...that's true!!!! I don't talk about the color ( and the It was worst the first couple of that's ok...I think over the time, the rest of the intestine adapted itself to the situation and it's probably why I begin to gain weight again since a little while...

A patch ? At the same time than I smooke at daytime? Hummm no...I dont trust this... At night it's ok ... but for now, I dont see the interest of using a patch at night time because I sleep 3 hours in one shoot...normal for me... Cigarettes never disturb my sleeps anyway... (What I don't write it in the public board is that I stop smooking this week but I don't wanted to put pressure on me... I have already buy my 14 box of patches on my desk already...they wait for me...

For the exercies...I start the gym this week also... I Wait the money in the middle of the week... My mom buy some clothes for going to the gym...a good start...yeah I know..i'm 33yo and my mom pay for me!!! I'm shy but what can I do...

Anemia point it My iron level is low... 10 the last time, I need at least 14 to be at the acceptable limit...and my hemoglobin level is low also...90...something like saturation level is low also... my vitamine K level is also's why I take large amount of it in liquid form... I have one intraveanous treatment of iron each month (Venofer)... and I take 1200 mf of oral iron pills... but no Vitamin C...I will buy Vit C to take at the same time...good idea... For the anemia, it's related to blood that I loost every day by a place that I will not write can ask me in privacy!!! lol That's me...

IF I succeed to do this 2 things ( Gym + Stop smooking) in the same week it will be so great for me...I mean for my level of self-esteem...

For the cigarettes smooke, I force myself to wait more and more before I Smooke another one...last night I watched the TV and I was almost 5 hours without smooking one...a miracle...for me...and when I go out at night with my friend, who stop last year, I also don'T smooke...I respect him...if we walk outside and I want to smooke, I take care of doing it behind him... I can imagine how it can be hard to stop... He had a hard time and I know I Will have hard time... but I dad stop cold turkey...after more than 50 years of smooking...2 packs a day...and it'S now more than 10 years now...he never smooke again...he never talk about it also...

So for the exercise you have your dog...the gym will be my solution!!! I will go with my best friend... alone it's more hard for me...I will be less shy...

So , another time, thanks for everything d/r!!!!


VIncent ;-)




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