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Re: Depakote for Anxiety Instead Of Benzos???? desolationrower

Posted by Vincent_QC on March 29, 2009, at 8:19:32

In reply to Re: Depakote for Anxiety Instead Of Benzos???? Vincent_QC, posted by desolationrower on March 28, 2009, at 21:59:53

> catecholamines are effected by stimulants, tcas, amois, etc.
> -d/r

d/r...Still don't understand what kind of meds or drugs it can be??? Ritalin, Adderall, Cocaine, who act on the reuptake of DA or meds who work on the reuptake of NE like all the TCAs like Nortiptyline...or the Cymbalta or the new Pristiq for example??? Meds who act on the reuptake of SE are they act as catecholamines also???

As for the it the same as the reuptake? Someone told me is was not the same kind of action...pointing out the fact is was more good for anxiety taking a med who work by inhibiting the SE, NE and DA than acting by the reuptake of the SE, NE or the DA????

That's so complicated... I don't understand very well the principle of the meds who block the receptors...making the SE or NE or DA level more high in the brains...or the inihbithion who don't block it but make the brains produce more of the SE, NE or DA...?

Also as a reminder... dont forget the list of vitamins or any others things I have to get tested for my blood test please !!! lol Out of subject here!!! ;-) My appointment is in 2 weeks...

But well, to return in the subject... Since the social phobia is my main disease, but since also the general anxiety seem to be also the main disease since a while, I Can say by experience that all the drugs who act by blocking the receptors like the classics SSRI'S make me feel worse...decrease my motivation, decrease my energy level, make me fat, make me feel numb, my anxiety stay always the same, sometimes it's worse, even if I wait 3 months or more to see some improve at high doses....Same apply with stimulants...I get very excited, more focus but more anxious also, especially if im in a social event or if I get worried about my heart who begin to beat fast...I have a small ADD problem, I tend to not being able to finish what I start, not having order in my things, cant keep a budget and manage my money, that's why since I don't work I receive an amount of money at the begining of each month and after 1-2 weeks i'm out of's burning in my hands...I was doing more than 20 000$-30 000$ each years before I fall sick again and I was a student at the same time and I never was able to keep money in my bank account, the pay day was like winning the lottery!!!

Anyway...Stimulants worse my social anxiety...give me some tics, some not volounters mouvements, muscles spasm, hands shake... and meds who block the NE seem to make my heart race at the speed of got me anxious and tend to make me doing panic attack and over paranoid about my heart...

Only the MAOIs seem to be ok, they not worse my anxiety, my depression or anything else...they tend to make me tired...but that's usual for everyone I think...but they don't seem to help me a lot...just help to reduce the benzos intake...the problem is that I can't reach the effective dosage because of the heart effect (hypotension orthostatic and hypertension)... I still don't know if I can take something to reduce the hypertension on a MAOI...something smooth like Inderall... The other problem is that sometimes I have also hypotension on them...the blood pressure is never minute it's high, one minute after it'S very low... so I can imagine the meds for lowering my blodd pressure is not a good solution???

Anyway...long post for nothing as usual, I tend to repeat myself...and I know you don't like long post d/r...since I Can see you never write long answer... maybe it's in my imagination and you like reading long post also... I cannot judge you with some letters and numbers that appears on my laptop screen!!! Another of my problem...I Tend to judge easily the others people... I have to change this!!!

I have so much things in my head...can't just stop thinking ....

Thanks for your help d/r!!! You are very nice!

Have a good sunday and take care of you ok !

Vincent ;-)




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