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Re: French, English, etc. 10derHeart

Posted by Vincent_QC on March 24, 2009, at 10:06:22

In reply to French, English, etc. Sigismund, posted by 10derHeart on March 23, 2009, at 20:38:04

> I see it, too, Sigi. I rather enjoy the rhythm and patterns in Vincent's posts.
> I studied French for 6 years in school. I was being taught the 'classical' version, so they said, France French - lol. I've been told over the years that even if I've retained some (I have - a bit) I would have great trouble understanding spoken French anywhere in Canada, due to dialect, slang, accent, and so on.
> I've traveled in France some, and could read enough to survive and stay out of jail. Business people tolerated and understood me when I attempted practice of my broken, rudimentary French. If not, they asked in excellent English, of course, "Could you speak English, please?" Understandable. Of course, if they answered me in French, it was difficult (too fast.)
> I really digress and apologize to everyone. Just wanted to agree with you. It's my language and I love it on many levels, but English "rules" make so little sense! I am in aw of anyone who can learn it!! Vincent does a great job :-)

Hoooo you are so sweet!!! Stop it, I will cry ! lol ;-)

I agree...French from Quebec is not the same as the one they teatch at school...even if you live in Toronto and take some french courses, you will learn french from France...not from the Quebec...and that's so different...I mean, I can't hardly understand the french from France...and I speak the you see who it can be complicated!!! BUT I find the french from France and the accent they have to be so much charming and nice than the one weh have in the Quebec ( That's so true that I fall in love with two french guys from France...and it was real stuff...It's almost freaking me out because I normally never fall in love or feel love, I hardly have any feeling...AD's do this over the time I think)...

In the Quebec, we use a lot of peoples in the States do also...Slang (is it the good word????)... Anyway, in some cities like Montreal for example, the city with the most English speaking peoples in the Quebec province, the French is so's a kind of mix between the English and the can hear some kind of strange words that you cannot understand...some people rolls their RRRRRRR others don't...that's so strange... In Quebec city, we talk a more proper french...less slang....but some people, like me, are more vulgar (is it the good word another time???)...mean that I use a lot of religious terms to express myself that can offense some people....for me, religion mean nothing, that's my point of view, i'm an atheist, so religion is something like I use some bad words in my usual language, and it don't make me a bad guy...but in the eyes of the others, I can be sometimes not really nice and gentle because of that...anyway I don't care...I go to private school as a child, it was running by nuns, they was hard with childs...I Think I get bored of the religion and the authority at an early age...and it's why I got rebel... Anyway...i'm again out of subject!!! lol

I remember something really funny...A TV show this week from FOX TV talked about the Canadian Army and they treat them like they was just b*llsh* the Canada was not a we was nothing compare to the States...and for me I don't care again..I mean...The proof..I do a little trip to Boston 2 years ago and I meet some girls and boys from there and we had a party one night in my hotel room and we go out at a funny bar after...don't remember the name...but it was nice...and at some point they ask me from witch city I Was...I answer that I Was from Quebec the Canada...Quebec province...They all look at me (10-15 peoples...) and they all say "WHAT"??? Quebec, Canada...where is that Country????

OMG ... I was like ...what??? You don't know where is the Canada??? For god's sake....we are just at maybe 5 hours by car in the North of Boston!!! Hellooooooo , CANADA...maybe we dont have the same weight in the world existence than the USA...BUT we are alive...and we are important also... Anyway, I was drunk and I laught all night long after... I was not upset at all...I was just really worry because I say to myself...the world is running by a powerfull country like the USA...and a lot of people like them don'T know that the CANADA exist!!!! That can be dangerous no????

Anyway, that's funny also because I LIVE in the Canada but I don't know a lot of things about the WEST Canada... I mean that everything that are more in the west of Toronto (Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta...), i'm not aware of news's like the Canada is separated in 2 parts...the est and the west.

That's funny because the Quebec wanted and still want to become a Country and separate from the rest of the Canada...but in fact, it's already like this...we are separeted...we just pay tax and incomes from the Federal governement ...but forget about the rest...we never heard any news about the west of the Canada... The Canadian from the west are not open minded like US (Quebec) we are A WAY more open in a lot of unions, religious view (we remove the religion from the school and that's a good thing)...things like this... anyway...out of subject again...but I agree that some peoples from the west CAnada are also open minded...I never go there so I can't be aware at 100% of the situation...maybe i'm wrong also...I can admit my faults...

That's just funny to see how much some Americans people can be so ignorants about the Canada...and IM CIVIL HERE...I don't mean all the americans are ignorants!!!! Some of them...mostly the youngers ones... That's probably because in the States, they don't talk about the Cadana in the news often and at school they don't learn about the Canada also like in history courses.... Here, we heard about States everyday in news and we learn Canadian and also American history in courses...I mean that's closely related...the discovery of the Americas...the way the peoples separeted them and share the country...I think people lack some history culture in general...

Well point of view again...nothing against americans people...I love you...Well, maybe not the States who are against gay and have laws against them (sexual acts can be punished), states where they continue to use the capital punishment or things like this...)... That's my point of view again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway...a good day to everyone... all of you are very nice and I like you a lot!!!


Vincent ;-)




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