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Re: TCA not good for SAD+GAD+lack motivation/energy myco

Posted by Vincent_QC on March 11, 2009, at 19:44:25

In reply to Re: TCA not good for SAD+GAD+lack motivation/energy Vincent_QC, posted by myco on March 11, 2009, at 18:29:13

> Vince...please don't take offense to this at all ok. How come you have such a problem sticking to meds. It's because your med sensitive is it? I think so based on what I know of you. Seems like you may want to just stick it out as long as you are already feeling a couple weeks or months to evaluate a med properly seems logical to me no? I'm sure youve had doctors force feed you this idea though. Again no offense please...just asking about your med sensitivity
> myco

Hi Myco!
I'm not offensed don't

I'm sensitive to meds who have side-effects on the heart, but not to others meds...I always give to all the meds I try at least a 3-4 months of times to see what happen.

I was on the Paxil for almost 4 years at a high dose ( 60mg, 2 blue pills day...) and I see no improves but I gain more than 150 pounds on it!!! If you don't believe me, I Can send you some pictures at 18 yo and pictures of me 5 years later, after I stop the Paxil... The SSRI's as well as the TCA's make me fat, even if I get a gastric by-pass to loose all the weight I get from this kind of drugs... I always think that I will never be again fat but I was wrong... Since October 2007, I begin to gain weight again, after more than 6 years without getting any weight, even if I was not eating well or exercises a lot at some points...Now I have to do DIET again...and STRICT diet because the regular ones like Weight watchers don't work, I have to do strict diet like 600 calories/day of whey protein with tons of supplements vitamins...if not, I don't loose a pound...

I also give a long try to the Celexa without any improve and with no side-effect except the weight gain, it was before my gastric by-pass also.

I also give to the Zoloft two differents tries, one before my gastric surgery, no improve at all just another weight gain as usual and a second try in the winter of 2008, I also try the PRozac for almost 4 months and I gain weight also for a total of 55 pounds that I gain from October 2007 to april 2008... from 175 pounds to 230 pounds...

Others side-effects often include sedation, lack of motivation and energy with worsing panic disorder and agoraphobia...and yes, I often stay on a AD who make me worse at the begining, just to see if with time it will turn to be helpfull but that's never happen...

Now it's seem that I have also a body dismorphic problem...relatively close to OCD... I give a long try to drugs like Gabapentin, Topamax who make me think like an idiot, I try for a long times differents antipsychotics drugs who make my hands shake and worse my state... I get addicted to almost all the benzos drugs that exist, the worse are of course the short half-life like the Xanax...i'm now addicted to the Valium, can't stop them...

I admit that I drop out some drugs faster than the other ones...Lyrica, Trazodone, Parnate, Manerix (not effective anyway) and of course the Clomipramine and the Nortryptiline who almost killed me...

If I stop a med cold turkey, it's because I know it can be dangerous for me, the goal is not to feel more bad and to be a total mess...the main goal is at least to have some side-effects that equal the ratio of improves I get from a med...a med with no side-effect don't exist, but you have to admit than when the heart is linked to the side-effects, you don't play that dangerous game of staying on that med and maybe die of an heart attack...




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