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Re: TCA not good for SAD+GAD+lack motivation/energy Vincent_QC

Posted by mav27 on March 11, 2009, at 13:29:01

In reply to Re: TCA not good for SAD+GAD+lack motivation/energy mav27, posted by Vincent_QC on March 11, 2009, at 13:12:35

> > Yep they suck for SAD ect
> > I'll be giving it up later today when i see my PDOC, i'm pretty much fed up with trying any medication anymore, i'm so over it all.
> Hi Mav!
> Can I know what AD you use now??? I'm a little bit lost...Did you try any MAOI's before?
> I have a family Doctor who is also a specialist on the anxiety disease and he follow me since more than 14 years... He always refuse to try any TCA's on me, telling me they was not good at all and not helpfull for SAD... He is use to treat resistant treatments people with MAOI's like The Nardil but not the Parnate...and he don't like the Manerix and short acting MAOI like that one...Anyway, he was out of solution for me last year so it's why I ended up at the psychiatric hospital with a PDoc...funny cause the PDoc I had at first was a more young one, so he was not used to treat people with old drugs and was always refering the newer drugs as the only good things in the world, especially the Lexapro (Cipralex)...claim it was the best AD in the world, the more easy to take, no side-effect...bla bla bla...That's all false of course...I never had a more bad experience than the one I had with the Lexapro...Anyway, I remember he had a lot of appointments with the representative peoples of the pharmaceutical compagny who produce the Cipralex(Lexapro) drug...I think he was push by this compagny...anyway...he quit his job and the other PDoc I have now is more open minded and his used to treat people with old drugs...especially the Parnate and the TCA's...but that's not really helping me more to be follow by a PDoc, no ones find a newer solution for me, the Parnate was MY idea...The TCA's was my idea also...That's seem that I'm the one who decide what to try and what will be the next med to try also...The PDoc seem to be not usefull...sometimes I feel like I know more things than him in fact...the same apply with my familly doctor...anyway...I feel trap in the same never ending circle, they all return to the 0 case... When you fall into the second try of a med, that's sign that you almost do all the list of the possibilities to treat and cure you...
> Give me some news of you ok...and I hope your appointment this afternoon will be ok!!!
> Take care!
> Vincent ;-)

Yeah i'm lucky to have found a really nie pdoc after 10 years, he lets me try what i want and even some things that are totally not what a doc would expect to work in my case. I'm on imipramine which i decided to retry but it is causing severe blood pressure problems, the same ones i have with the maoi;s but not as bad as i'm not fainting on imipramine. It's making me really agitated though and given me a bad temper.

So far the best thing that has helped is sodium volroate, i'm not bipolar at all and i only asked him if i could try it because i couldn't think of anything else new to try and since i had seen people complain about it making them drowsy and other negative things i thought i would try it because i seem to react the opposite to everyone else on a medication. Sure enough the stuff gave me a lot of mental energy and a slight pick me up but not quite enough to lift the depression, so it's helped with mental energy but not body energy so i still feel really lethargic all the time which is kind of really annoying now that my brain wants to get out and about but not my body.

I was hoping the imipramine would help with the depressed mood and lack of energy in my body but it's just royally stuffing my heart around.




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