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Re: Please post your MOCLOBEMIDE / Selegiline Experien

Posted by beaches09 on February 12, 2009, at 18:01:21

In reply to Re: Please post your MOCLOBEMIDE / Selegiline Experien, posted by Garnet71 on February 12, 2009, at 3:29:00

That is pretty right on about the sensitive overwhelming stimuli thing that is very very much right on with me. I will definitely look on Amazon for that book. :)

Yeah I wonder about the meds and their safety as well. Because before I started taking any meds in first place 5 years ago I never had this problem, nowhere anywhere near to the degree that I am having problems now.

I decided I was going to give them up and said screw that. Well the 5 years has gone by and I've managed to get out of the house for 4-6 weeks only once each year and spent the rest of the time in my bedroom in isolation.

My fault for not mentioning but I've been on Wellbutrin and many others. Each med I've tried has a positive effect and an equal negative effect. Not referring to regular side effects but the chemical imbalance it creates. Wellbutrin by itself wasn't good for me at all didn't matter the dose, it just made me feel completely cracked out, snappy, and narcissistic. When I mixed it with 40mg of Paxil the two worked really wonderful together actually I was doing very good. But I was still lacking the norepinephrine to balance those out, so I had other problems that arose on that combo.

I never tried Effexor though I have at times been a little curious, from it's workings I can see how it must have been a good combo for you. I know someone that is taking it though and she says because of the short half life if she misses her dose by even an hour she starts to feel really crappy. And also the horror stories I've seen on the net like you say from people trying to get off it. LoL.

I've been considering remeron with low dose selegiline. Hitting all 3 transmitters. Or maybe even Zoloft with selegiline. I liked zoloft it was good, but then I'm still missing the NE. I think my NE is a big deal too because when I took Strattera my entire body and mind completely felt like it was reborn. And I was able to sleep 6 hours a night for the first time in my entire life and wake up feeling more refreshed than EVER, and it made me calm and focused. At the same time though it made me depressed and introverted, so not good by itself.

I'm open to giving a couple more combos a try but at the same time I'm ready to get the show on the road and from what I've read about so many people like me Parnate completely turned them around where other combos were left in the dust. I'm just tired of wasting years and ready to start living again.

It's more than just the mental energy thing. Even when I do get myself out for that short time, I feel like a complete walking dead person. As if I was in a coma. I don't feel like the real me that I once used to be. I feel like that person is locked in a cage and I'm this other completely wacked out weird person that is standing outside the cage trying to set that person (me) free. And my executive functioning is completely non-existent.

One combo I tried last year for a short while was Zoloft, Wellbutrin, with low dose Adderall. That was the BEST ever. I was me and everything I used to be, wanted to be, and needed to be. I was almost ready to get back on that but I need to think long term and Adderall long term is definitely not a good idea.

Yeah I'm with you marching to my own beat. I love it completely. Having my own ideas and being and wanting to be different than the "average norm". I have many great ideas, desires, plans, strageties. If only I could get out of this enormous black cloud and do something about them. So that's the plan. I'm ready to get the show on the road so I'm pretty sure I'm going to get Parnate from my doc next week. Give that a good go and see what happens. From what people say it sounds like once they got on it they finally realized what it meant to be actually living. As if they came out of a bad dream. I'm in such a horrible dream and there has been no getting out for a long time lmfao.

I am curious how your doc appointment goes. :)




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