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Re: Parnate VS Nardil + Anxiety and social phobia amee200

Posted by Vincent_QC on December 29, 2008, at 10:56:15

In reply to Re: Parnate VS Nardil + Anxiety and social phobia, posted by amee200 on December 28, 2008, at 22:33:28

> Hi
> I am on Nardil now 60 mg and took Parnate from 1990-1996 at 30 mg. The Parnate definitely is activating and does make you more social and confident. As I have social anxiety and a tendency to avoid people, that was a good thing for me. But, it does exacerbate anxiety in people who suffer from it (like I do as well) so that was a downside. It also caused me to lose too much weight.
> The Nardil is great for anxiety and does help with social anxiety as well, but the weight gain is a challenge. Both Parnate and NArdil cause extreme insomnia. I think both can work for helping those with SA, but if you have obsessive worrying as part of it and a lot of anxiety, Nardil is probably the better choice. Weight can be controlled, it just takes huge effort (just like the SSRI's, which I've also been on). Hope this helps.""

Hi Mickapoo,
I just post a new topic and it's something I write in it...I found the Parnate to be more effective for my social phobia, more than the Nardil in fact, but at the same time, it's worse for the general anxiety and panic disorder.

For the weight lose, it will be a good thing on me, in fact I notice that I gain weight for now, not losing weight...I always gain weight on all the AD's I take. All the drugs who act on SE do this effect on me. Only Stimulants (Ritalin or Ponderall, before it was withdrawh from the market in 1997) make me loose some weight.

I'm now at 30mg of Parnate, wanted to be at 40mg yesterday but it was a mistake, I have to take more time between each increase step I think.

Nardil for me was not good for SA, apart from the hypotension and the lack of energy, I feel nothing on it. I only succed to reduce my amount of Rivotril I was taking at the time but that's it...and if I succeed to reduce it, it's probably because at the end, I was always inside my appartement, so no contact with the world outside really...and I was always in my bed...tired as hell... But I was not leaving the same life that I live now, so I don't know if it will be the same if I try it now??? I was a lot more overstress back then, leaving in another city, with no family near me, no friends...

Now that I move back to my home town, i'm in a more familiar city with some friends amd my family around me, I feel less alone and that's more easy to cope with life stress...At least, I know that I will not lack foods or things like that and it's a big plus and I have a minimum social life...I do a lot of efforts to go out each night, even just to take a coffee with my best friend, or just go shopping, things like that. Basic activities...

What I can say for now is that I found the Parnate more effective for SA...but it's just for me...It's seem to be less effective in SA for the others people. Nardil is the gold standard for SA, with it's gaba-b effect...Parnate seem to lack the gaba-b effect of Nardil...maybe it's why it's more stimulating than Nardil...but I prefer to be a little bit more stimulate than too much tired. At least I can move a little bit more and stay awake at daytime...

I think both drugs have there advantages and disadvantages. Since we are all differents, we don't react the same on drugs.

Insomnia is not a problem for me, I was already like this before I start the Parnate or the Nardil back in 2007. I suffer from insomnia since a lot of years...I think the fact that I wotked at night time for 10 years make me loosing my natural sleep cycle and I never succeed to return to this normal sleep cycle. I was used to work Saturday night until 2 AM, return home, take a shower, sleep 2 hours and return to work from 7AM to was my normal schedule for weekend work, at week I was working always at night (3:30PM to 12 or 2 AM...), I had differents hours each time, I do a lot of overtimes...

Well, I wish you a good luck with the Nardil...and thanks for your answer ;-) I hope that everything is fine for you now!!!

Have a nice day!

Vincent ;-)




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