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Re: no benz BEST NARDIL AUGMENTION-Hi that guy!!!

Posted by that_guy23 on December 6, 2008, at 11:58:45

In reply to Re: no benz BEST NARDIL AUGMENTION-Hi that guy!!! that_guy23, posted by JadeKelly on December 4, 2008, at 19:47:13

Hey jade from ?,

I know you didn't desert me, I just felt like messaging you, I do enjoy our coversation. If you did tell me where your form, sorry, but I seem to have a bad

You are right about d/r, hw is a big help. hes pretty damn smart! Somone I feel I can really trust for advice. He seems to understand my situation, well I guess he's in a similar one, so thats cool. I do feel lucky to have people who are so helpful, and concerned with my problems. I mean I try to give simple advice, but I don't know allot, and don't want to give out false info. My cousin I told you about though has a good book about all the bio meds, she thinks I would enjoy, because I really like to know about meds more, and use for my benefit and help others as well.

I hope you feel better, but at least you know now what to expect, I read the post about nardil2007, and he's just ahead of you, thats pretty lucky, you can pretty much know ahead of time.

MAOI's are something I have faith in, theres just something that won't let me stop it. Oh about the friend/brother thing, i have a great story.

I probably mentioned that it was nates birthday(my best frind) and as I say we get each other like knowonw else would understand. Any way I was supposed to go out for supper with him but he called and said reservations were in like an hour and I had no ride. I assured him though I would meet up with him later.Oh I was on facebook, which I never be, and my female friend who I haven't seen for a while, which I am very fond of and think about all th time, she's like the girl in the rain, like seriously, I always said I would marry her. Any way I messaged he back, not realizing she was online saying she can call or come see me anytime. She asked me what I was doing tonight, I told her about nates b-day later, she said what about right now, since she was in town, I was like nervous as hell, but said just give me like 20 mins to shower and drop down.
So she walked in the door and my heart skipped a beat, like always, she's beatiful, smart, sweeter than sugar, just perfect, in my eyes. So we sat down and started talking, at first I was nrvous, then I started opening up to her, we taked for like 4 1/2 hours, she missed basketball, I and was a little late catching up with nate, but I knew he would understand. Anyway she was so understanding, and I was sure she still felt something for me, because we almost got something on the go a couple years ago, but i'm glad we didn't, cause we would not be like we are now. She does have a boyfriend but she told me she dosn't know what she wants relationship wise, but has the rest of her life kinda planned out. Then she said, "why are you single shawn?". I told her for one thing, right now I choose to be, and also I haven't found the right person. So long story short, I came out and told her taht I think about her all the time, and that she was the girl I wanted, I then added but not yet because I have a long way to go. She also said if we were together I coudln't handle it if you fell back to your old ways, I said hey, don't worry I mean in 6 months to 5 years, I will look you up, and maybe, most likely our lives will be gone in different directions, so I asked her what she thought ,she said, get to the place you want to be, and then we'll talk. I just know it's meant to be. Any way she's gonna vist me at least once a week, and I'm gonna teach her guitar, and have her sing, but she said I will never here her sing, I was like we shall see. That made me so happy.

Later on she dropped me off with my buddies, who were all loaded, I gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek and tol her to call me when se got back from st. Johns. Then the first time I exposed myself to all my buddies drinking, it was hard at first, but then I just had such a laugh watching a bunch of drunken fools, it's weird being on the other side of it, and just drank away at my water. They were all asking me, how the f*ck did you do it shawn? I was like it's not easy, I just force myself. It was amaizing, they actually told me they wanted to do it too. I told them, listen, you don't have a drinking problem like me, and don't feel like just cause I have to do it, you guys don't. So that was that night. Last night I hung out with my friend kyle, and he had recently had a bad breakup, and had his heart broke. So we had some deep conversations, I told him that I had been through allot buddy, and I'm hear. He said something to me that made me fell so much better. He said shawn, like you didn't only quit drinking, you quit smoking, we were so worried because you were doing ex and blow, everyday, and your face was white a sunk in, and everbody says they've never seen someone as strong as me. I just dropped it, and he had quit pot, which he smoked all day everyday, but he replaced it with alcohol. We dropped him at the bar, and I told him me and him are gonna chill tommorrow(today), without the booze and, he can talk to me about anything, and I realized even in the last couple of days, just don't keep anything inside, which I realized more last night, I seen so many people who were so happy to see me, and so proud of me saying how strong I was. It was a mjor boost, and when I got around people who I'm usually shy with, I coud'nt shut up. I don't know if it was the meds, or just the the feeling of strength people made me see I had. I definately feel happier when I'm with my friends, just being ther and getting out, but I still always have that initial nervousness, but like you said, I am staying with this nardil, maybe for longer then I said before especially it I get augmentation.

I told the doctor to fax my referall, but of course they mailed it. It should get there tuesday or wednesday. So hopefully they see I've been a regular patient for years and maybe will get me in before chritmas. And yes it's the "pusher" lol.

Well thats my last couple of days, I'm getting out more, and enjoying, with my close friends. Hopefully I can keep it up.

Hope to hear back soon.

your friend,





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