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Re: Treatment Resistant Depression-Suggestions?

Posted by KimberlyS on October 31, 2008, at 13:38:16

In reply to Treatment Resistant Depression-Suggestions?, posted by cecilia on November 16, 2006, at 2:56:20

> > As we all know, psychiatric theories come and go and one of the latest seems to be that depression that doesn't respond to AD's must really be bipolar. My question-how many mood stabilizers (and which ones are best) for proving or disapproving this theory? I haven't tried nearly as many mood stabilizers as I have AD's, just gabapentin and lamictal (and a brief trial of lithium, but I didn't like throwing up every morning-if I'm going to have morning sickness I should at least get a baby out of it). Oh, and clonazepam, which I guess is a mood stabilizer in large does, though not in the small dose I take (1.5 mg/day). Is there really any point in trying tons of different mood stabilizers just in case you might be bipolar? I'll have to see if the book Katia mentioned is available from the library. The Amazon review of it was pretty negative, though, and it sounded like it was mainly concerned with alcoholism, which isn't an issue for me. Cecilia
> I see I wrote this post a year ago. Since then have been through Marplan and Emsam with negative results. Haven't tried any more mood stabilizers, though I take Neurontin for neuropathy, though I'm not sure it does anything, and still on clonazepam 1.5 mg/day, though I tried doubling the dose for a couple weeks and didn't notice the slighest difference. I read the book "Why Your Depression Isn't Getting Better" and basically the author said if you've only tried mood stabilizers with an AD you haven't really tried them. As far as I can see I have no bipolar symptoms other than anxiety and insomnia and chronic (lifelong) depression. And messed up circadian rhythms, I definitely have that. I was taking Celexa and trazodone when I tried Lamictal, so according to his theory I haven't really tried it. I really can't see trying it again though. I see my doctor Friday and I'm trying to decide what to suggest. He's long since run out of ideas for me and generally goes along with whatever I suggest, though he's supposedly the "expert' on treatment resistant depression at my HMO. After the horrible Emsam effects I said ok, I've tried every AD there is, no more. I'm wondering if I should go with the "anxious atypical TRD is really bipolar theory" and suggest another mood stabilizer trial, perhaps trileptal. I'm very overweight, have diabetes, and arthritis, cannot gain any more weight. Or maybe just concentrate on the anxiety component, see if my doctor would be willing to trial a switch from the useless clonazepam to another benzo, maybe diazepam, though I'm not sure he'd be willing to do that. The third possibility is one more AD, Prozac, in a very small dose, when I 1st tried it in 1990 only the 20 mg capsules were available and the anxiety/ insomnia were horrendous, but maybe a 5 mg dose would be tolerable, though I can't see why it would help if no other AD has. Any suggestions? Anyone found Lamictal more helpful alone than with an AD? It certainly wasn't like the Celexa and trazodone I was taking it with were making me manic! I do not respond well to stimulating drugs, though, so maybe the increased anxiety/insomnia that so many other AD's have caused in me really are subtle signs of mania. The endless Abilfy advertisements keep trying to convince everyone they really must be bipolar and Abilify is the solution but I'm terrifed of the agitation/anxiety it's supposed to cause. A brief trial of Zyprexa years ago had no benefit and in general I really would rather avoid AP's. Cecilia

WOW!!!I was simply SHOCKED at the number of drugs so many people here are on for depression, anxiety and insomnia. I cant believe almost kills me to think about having myself on all of those drugs. I should be thankful that drugs have never worked for me, or I wouldnt have looked deeper into the cause of my health issues, which have included severe insomnia, anxiety and mood swings.I simply want to say that I am taking the "allow my body to heal itself with the proper nervous system and endrocrine stimulation" with acupuncture and all natural supplements that will serve to put my body back into a normal state of balance. (I remind myself that my body was born to find it's own homeostastis, naturally..and without drugs.)
I believe everyone and anyone who is suffering from mood swings, insomnia, anxiety, etc needs to LOOK AT THEIR DIET, their outlook on life, the amount of time they feel at peace with the simple things in their life, and the amount of gratitude for the little things in life that one has as well...even while feeling depressed! If we can start with those important things, I truly believe that one's life can CHANGE IMMENSELY.
Has anyone here ever tried hypnotherapy or acupuncture? I am about the embark on acupuncture for my sleeping problems..which are SEVERE!!!
It always worked for me with other health issues in the past! It is truly a miracle healing technique!
I wish everyone the best of health, always...




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