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Re: class a drugs »SeldomSeen » med_empowered

Posted by Racer on September 15, 2008, at 23:30:02

In reply to Re: class a drugs, posted by med_empowered on September 15, 2008, at 22:59:31

I have two comments to make on this -- actually I have a novel I would write on the subject, but I'm too tired right now... Maybe later, because it's a subject I feel strongly about.

SeldomSeen, casual use of heroin is actually more common than you might think. And a fair number of those people stay casual users. Some of them are pretty high functioning -- more highly functioning than I am these days, since they have jobs, etc.

MedEmpowered, a huge part of the reason for benzos to overtake barbiturates over the past couple of decades has little to do with questions regarding addiction, etc. The benzos are far safer in overdose than barbiturates, and don't have the same potential outcome if mixed with a bit of booze. That safety factor has a lot to do with the change to benzos and SSRIs from barbiturates and TCAs/MAOIs -- especially since anxiety and depression are risk factors for suicide. That seems like an awfully good idea to me.

Briefly, since I said there are casual users of heroin who stay casual: I don't recommend that anyone try it. The potential damage caused by anything beyond very casual and occasional use is just too great, and there's no way to tell whether you'd be one of those few who really can remain casual about it. For some, once may be too many times -- it's probably not worth the risk.

As far as drugs in general go, I'm all in favor of legalizing everything. Not decriminalizing -- actually legalizing them. Control quality, tax the things the way cigarettes and alcohol are taxed, and admit that prohibition has never worked. Prohibition is what led to a lot of the organized crime problem in this country, and it ultimately failed anyway. Let's cut the profits of the Not So Nice Guys who make and sell drugs, put the tax money to good use, protect users from dangerously adulterated drugs, and make it a whole lot easier for doctors to identify patients to refer for treatment.

Mind you -- I'm not talking OTC on any of these. I think they should all be prescription -- again, if they're legally available, it takes a lot of the incentive away for an awful lot of criminal activity.

And lastly -- while they are illegal, I'm very much against prosecuting possession for personal use. Go after the bad guys, the guys making and selling it.

There. Short version of the novel, despite my earlier disclaimer.




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