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Re: Glycine as Antipsychotic -

Posted by iladvocate on September 9, 2008, at 21:36:07

In reply to Re: Glycine as Antipsychotic - ILADVOCATE, posted by bleauberry on September 9, 2008, at 18:02:04

> > > My psych doc also spoke very highly of glycine for psychotic symptoms and anxiety symptoms.
> > Then he must be well informed. Is he a psychopharmocologist? Where did he get this information from? I thought mine was the only one using it outside of study? I'd be interested to know.
> >
> Actually no, not a psychopharmacologist. A regular MD with an additional license in Naturopathy, specializing in environmental toxicity. He warns right up front he is not a psychiatrist and prefers to use medications only after efforts have been made at allowing the body to naturally heal itself. Which is where Glycine comes into play. Glycine is a common supplement with doctors trained in naturopathy. It is a common amino acid in our bodies, but some people just need more of it than their bodies create. Glycine is inhibitory, a cousin of GABA and serotonin.
> Also, I saw a Nurse Practioner with a license in Psychiatry a couple years ago. She also liked to try natural things first. At the time, anxiety was killing me. She said to try a combination of GABA and Glycine. GABA was weird. Sometimes it felt calming, sometimes depressing, and sometimes activating. It was unpredictable. But glycine was immediate calming every time. It just stopped all the racing stuff in its tracks. A little too much actually. For being a natural substance our bodies create, it can be powerful stuff. I can easily see how it would be good for psychosis, delusions, anxiety, restlessness, or akathisia, but I cannot see how it would be much good for negative symptoms.
> Anyway, glycine is nothing new among doctors who have additional training in natural healing strategies. It has other uses besides just psychiatry. In the psychopharmacologist field however, I can see how they view it as some new discovery. They are so shielded in their isolated worlds of clinical studies, pharmaceutic rep seminars, and scientific books, that they are quite novice at basic biological functions involving things like glycine, magnesium, cortisol, and such.
> I am very excited glycine is helping you. Actually, when I first read your post I just said "AWESOME!". The medical world I think sometimes makes things seem more difficult than they actually are. I mean, who would have ever thought, that stupid bottle of $10 Glycine at the health food store would do what $300 megapower antipsychotics couldn't?

I agree but psychiatry is onto this one. Glycine or certainly one of the glutamate antagonists will be the next generation of antipsychotics and the more recoveries I can identify the more they will take this seriously about fast tracking this class of medications through study. I cannot post my psychopharmocologist's name here obviously nor do I feel comfortable posting the name of the non profit I am board president of. But my psychiatrist allowed me to write a letter from my non profit to the director of the American Psychiatric Association mentioning his name and phone number and encouraging her to call him. I've been online everywhere to spread the word but they are finding out and once they get this class of medications out I'm sure they will replace all the dopamine based antipsychotics they have now. Science has finally caught up with us.




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