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Re: Exercise Making Me More Depressed/Irritable - HELP

Posted by perspective on September 3, 2008, at 3:24:49

In reply to Re: Exercise Making Me More Depressed/Irritable - HELP, posted by Survector on June 1, 2004, at 12:05:19

I understand why you were annoyed by others responses. Because you are frustrated, and irritable, as you said. Well I will share what I know, since I am both educated and a survivor.

Recently, I started exercising again after many years. When I began my weight lifting/cardio program I was having bad insomnia. I started exercising in the morning and this helped but what really made it go away is starting a diet that my fitness instructor referred me to. It is called Empowered fitness and especially designed for weight lifters. It basically is the similiar to "the zone", but they tell you exactly what to eat based on carbohydrate/protein/fat balance and what my weight,age,BMI, and work out schedule is. Because it is like the zone, with the 40-30-30 proportions it is especially helpful for those with hormone imbalances. And specifically it tells you to eat your largest balanced meal of the day after your workout.
So since I have been on the diet, I am sleeping great.
I am a person who has struggled with depression and anxiety most of my life which has ranged from minimal to extreme.
And many years ago, when I used to get lots of exercise, I would also get that high and then plunge into depression. Oddly, I noticed that after sex it would happen as well. I was studying Physiology psychology in University at the time and so was very interested in biological stimulus responses and started to chart my ups and downs. By learning what made me feel better, I would use it when I would start to feel down.
Alternately, I had a Chronic Depressive friend who did not believe in biological reasons for depression and he pointed out something to me that rung very true. Even if you may be biologically depressed you have to look at what thoughts you are thinking. The thoughts you are thinking are the issues that you need to resolve or you need to resolve the thinking processes. I highly recommend psychotherapy to at least resolve the thoughts and emotions that come up. Yes biochemicals can trigger the feeling, but it has been proven that thoughts also trigger the biochemicals.
We truly have the power to change the way we think and feel.
Ok, that being said, their still is the problem with the annoying physiological response you are getting after exercise. If a nutritionally balanced diet does not resolve it then I have other suggestions which have helped me.
1)Yoga is great
2)Regular daily Meditation starting with deep fact do it 2 hours after exercise if thats your low point.
3)When you eat your meal after your workout eat the carb first before protein. It has been shown that if you eat protein first it increases energy and carb first help relaxation.
4) Biofeedback - This is a tension squeezing/releasing exercise. When you do this it will train your body to automatically relax when tense or irritable.
5)Get rest. Most people can be irritable if tired. A couple hours after your exercise you may need a nap.
6)Accept your biology and work with it. Many people are searching for a diagnosis and treatment. But the fact is Medical science has not progressed that far in understanding the endocrine and neurological system. It is difficult to study without being cruelly unethical to humans through experimentation. Most drugs treat symptoms but do not cure the problem. Likely that same dtug will have another effect on your body which will create a different problem.
7) There are herbs, homeopathy, and Bach flower remedies that can be helpful to return you body to homeostasis or at least alleviate symptoms in a gentler non invasive way.

Good luck to you. I hope I was helpful.




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