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Re: Any doctors in UK prescribe dexedrine??

Posted by West on June 7, 2008, at 13:12:30

In reply to Re: Any doctors in UK prescribe dexedrine??, posted by dbc on June 7, 2008, at 10:58:21

Thanks for your thoughts >> dbc- i think you're absolutely right about p'docs being conservative here. I just saw an on call GP here who was running an out of hours surgery in Northallerton and she agreed to give me a prescription for 3 diazepam 'just to tide me over' until i could see my real GP on monday. She hinted strongly that she was doing me a favour and that this was not normal practice. My GP HAS prescribed me 30 diazepam 5mg before after i complained of dysphoria and sleeplessness with suicidal ideation (a rough patch). Actually i would be happy enough with this(diazepam)kind of relief in the long-term: i don't usually find it takes much to throw me out of my feelings of dysthymia and unease. Someone posted earlier (a fellow atypical) about seeing a doctor and after presenting their symptoms, asking whether he thought she had atypical depression, the doctor relied 'no, i think your symptoms are quite typical of depression'. She said she found this 'quite disheartening', I call it a f**king disgrace- the least these people could, on their 100,000 salaries is begin to familiarise themselves with, and learn to distinguish, highly prevalent mood disorders- so that a proper diagnosis can be made.In addition he/she touched on the sense of feeling like a 'phoney' depressive- that to others he/she appeared to be prefectly fine but if he/she was quizzed on how they felt when alone 10 mins earlier a safe bet would be far from wonderful- i get this. (Even my parents wonder when i sudenly fall silent whether i'm simply indulging what they call my 'artistic side'). This might be true if i didn't experience consistent bouts of mental anguish. It must be costing the nhs serious time and money to have patients go back and forth between GPs and psychiatrists for lack of a proper diagnosis and the appropriate psychic drugs. The private psychiatrist who I will see has a very dim view of things, saying that apparently very few nhs p'docs are encouraged to identify anyone who isn't BP or schizophrenic. RE the amphetamines it does sound as if dexedrine might be problematic and a little counter-productive. Ritalin allowed me to focus and write in some depth, something i have very rarely found capable of doing despite achieving respectable a-levels from a great school. Since then things haven't gone quite as smoothly and i have flaked out on 4 courses at 3 universities/Art schools and am considering dropping out on my current decision choice of fine art. Not that the alternative is any better- i'd rather be on a course i don't attend than face holding down a job. My brain is on sabbatical, leaving me with this hungry hollow cave which gobbles up all worldy knowledge and facts and clarity, generally refusing me any access to it and being a total bastard. I am intersted in amilsupride
which i understand is an asti-psychotic, but at low doses a partial dopamine agonist which sounds very interesting. Will it produce a ritalin-style lift and focus? Sorry for the ranting- it's really good to share all this stuff. Best of luck to you all ! Westphalia




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