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Re: Suboxone???? Is it only for Opiates or an Ad T undopaminergic

Posted by okydoky on June 1, 2008, at 22:39:45

In reply to Re: Suboxone???? Is it only for Opiates or an Ad T, posted by undopaminergic on June 1, 2008, at 19:52:44

> Remember, that the special number should not be used on a prescription of Suboxone/Subutex for purposes other than opiate addiction. I don't know what the practical consequences of erroneously including the number would be - perhaps it is just for statistics, or perhaps you would be "flagged" as an opiate-addict in some database, causing you to be more carefully watched in the future and making pharmacies more suspicious about your prescriptions, etc. I'm just speculating.>

I must look like a complete idiot.

I printed out the DEA letter as soon as you posted it.

My pdoc retired a couple years ago and I was only taking Ritalin sr and an occasional perphenazine. I had no where to go so I see my retired gp who works part time as a therapist. In our usual bullshi** the Suboxone came up and he said he could prescribe it. I had not anticipated him being involved with my pain management so I never thought to bring the information. He refused to take my word for it. He is supposed to call me after he clears it up with someone. Not sure who? I spoke with the office personnel on Friday and she said she had put he call in but it had not been returned. He was not interested in my emailing him the information so I forgot. My urologist wanted me to travel about two hours away to get it from a doc he knows. Hopefully my urologist will read the information I bring him tomorrow and prescribe for me. He is an hour and a half away.
If it is not for addiction I see no reason he cannot just write the script. The gp is insisting he provide the first dose in office and then I have to go to get the script.
He would not sanction any use of any other pain medication with the Suboxone he told me. I was concerned about break through pain.

My only reason for even attempting to make this change is the information posted on this thread about DA reuptake inhibiters working better with it. I am keenly interested in taking Parnate also. My gp one time explained how the oxycontin permanently erases memory. I cannot remember what all he said.

So it sounds like it is possible to take oxycontin or fentora with it if needed?

Still not sure whether to ask for Subutex or Suboxone? I think the urologist would be open to discussion about the reasons why I would have a preference. I know I have asked once before but could you provide a clear reasoning that I could just copy and bring to him? I take that back. There is plenty her already for me to copy for him to read:

The discussion with Scott about Nardil was of interest.
I am looking at Suboxone/subutx with Amineptine and Memantine to try first. Then I would like to try Parnate again. It worked well before but pooped out and had so many side effects that if I can get Amineptine to work again I would prefer it even if it does not work as well. Nothing ever got rid of the depression wholly.

Well Thanks. This all sounds so forward looking and optimistic. Im not sure but that you might imagine that things arent so rosy here. I rarely leave my house. Never clean Like I wrote to you yesterday Now I just never want to be .That is my mindset most of the time. I tried to sleep the entire day today.

If you would rather stick to doses that have been found efficacious in depression, use up to about 4 mg of BUP, in combination with another opiate, such as oxycodone, for additional pain control, as required.

That would be at odds with what I am trying to do here, would it not?

I know this is entirely last minute as I see the urologist tomorrow. I leave the house at 11pm. It took me almost an hour and a half jus to write this email to you. That is where I am at .Of course I can always try to communicate with him after the appointment if need be.

Honestly my brain is rapidly turning to mush as my body becomes frail and brittle and painful from it all. Thank you so much again. I can only hope that I have not wasted your time. I see no future but having tried for a way out several times I am worried about what would be left of me if it did not work. If I am to stay around for a while at least let it not be so dam*** painful!





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