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Re: Seroquel and Chemical Sensitivity...please help! bleauberry

Posted by Bob on May 21, 2008, at 15:33:18

In reply to Re: Seroquel and Chemical Sensitivity...please help!, posted by bleauberry on May 20, 2008, at 17:59:48

> Hey, NH-guy, next door neighbor ME-guy here.
> I can relate to your sensitivities. I used to take meds fine, but the last 3 years have changed dramatically. Even tiny amounts of anything feel massively powerful, and almost always with opposite effects of what is desired.
> Even herbs, supplements, fish oil, and some vitamins I am very sensitive to. My doc believes it came from mercury toxicity from longterm low level exposure from amalgam fillings, which have since been removed, but damage remains. And with no family history of it, I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance a year ago.
> Like you, I found specific MJ strains to be the world's best all around med for depression, anxiety, appetite, sleep, interest and motivation, and social anxiety. But I stopped that 3 years ago because what I was doing was just way too risky. Just imagine landing in a prison cell with your symptoms. Now that is a scary thought. I sure do miss MJ.
> That being said, I do believe MJ is complicated enough and powerful enough that it is actually changing your brain dynamics profoundly. I mean, it hits everything one way or the other...serotonin, dopamine, gaba, opioid, norepinephrine, and others. Lots of different receptors in all of those systems, as well as hormonal systems, are being sensitized, desensitized, upregulated, or downregulated, by daily MJ use. I do not believe it is as tame as you think it is, or as I once thought it was.
> I guess seroquel or zyprexa are decent choices to shut off a racing mind at bedtime. I think a klonopin, xanax, or lunesta might be better lightweight choices to try first. For me seroquel felt like an elephant dart at 25mg, so quartering that is probably a good idea for chemical sensitivity.
> Too bad MJ is illegal. I used to use it just like a medicine. Controlled dosage sizes, dosage times, and everything. I rarely did enough to get very high, except on weekends. It really was the best psych med I ever took because it only took maybe two puffs to stomp out every pscyh disorder known to man in about 5 minutes and leave me feeling absolutely perfectly normal.
> Chemical sensitivity: No proven causes, not well understood. But my doc says it is a hyper-immune response, where the body sees something as an invader that isn't actually an invader, and all hell breaks loose, with the end result being some powerful naturally produced toxins heading for opioid receptors, with the resulting depression, fatigue, and foggy brain.

This describes me too, without a doubt! I take small amounts of meds now and develop strange reactions. I have often thought that it somehow involves the immune system.




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