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Re: What made you try Stimulants ?

Posted by Molybdenum on March 26, 2008, at 3:33:55

In reply to What made you try Stimulants ?, posted by tepi on March 23, 2008, at 0:36:44

Hi, <I'm ranting now, so forgive me please and insert "In my opinion" in front of each sentence>

I've taken quite a lot of drugs in my life. :) My liver should get some sort of little plaque somewhere. ;)

Nowadays all my meds are on prescription though. 25 years ago heroin was great fun but methamphetamine always amazed me by how quickly it could change the way I felt. A few mins after the crap went roaring up my veins I was full of great ideas & energy - ENERGY...!!!

Now of course the ideas really were crap ideas, but under the influence you never realize this. Reminds me of an old cartoon (from Punch?) with several cavemen sharing a joint. One says to the others "It makes everything I think seem profound....." ;) That's problem # 1.

The next trouble with what you want to achieve is that you're borrowing from the "Bank of YOU" for the energy and this particular bank is very aggressive when it comes to wanting payments with interest and in some cases, of foreclosing on your life. The younger & fitter you are the better I suppose but the rule still applies. That's problem # 2.

The other trouble with taking drugs that REALLY make you feel instantly GREAT is that it f*cks up your sense of perspective. There's no magic pharmacological reason why drug addiction occurs other than the truly horrifying prospect of having to give up feeling great in a way you've never felt before - and that is a really terrible thing to have to do. One day humans will work out how to erase the memory of the "HIGH experience" as part of the "drying out treatment". Of course at best you'd then be back to the person who wanted to try the stuff in the first place, so maybe that won't really answer the perspective problem either. That's problem # 3.

Now 25 yrs later I restrict myself to modafinil & methlphenidate because I cannot get through a working week "productively" and get paid without them. It's going to kill me one day or give me cancer or ruin my life more than it already is I am sure. At the very least it'll cause me to crash every so often to recover.

BTW, I've never gotten over how good LSD made me feel either. But that's only oddly stimulating in some chemical manner. Indole ring? I forget...

Stim-wise today modafinil works great - very smooth & beats the sh*t out of methyphenidate in the Pepsi challenge but please be wary of making decisions under the influence - and you probably won't realize you're decision making ability is so out of whack until after the drug wears off. And "hello" - 'tis too late then ;) Prob # 1.

I've made some hugely dumb decisions on stims.

So my advice is to try, try, try not to get any stims at all.

If an antidepressant will give you enough energy to get by then I really suggest you stop there.

When I die one day there will be no pyramids to celebrate my life. So please take this as a nugget of wisdom from someone who has probably been stupid enough for the both of us already.

Take Care & Good Luck :)




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