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Re: News - Antidepressants Vindicated? blueboy

Posted by linkadge on September 16, 2007, at 21:46:57

In reply to Re: News - Antidepressants Vindicated?, posted by blueboy on September 16, 2007, at 10:43:43

>I had a pdoc, an old guy with a lot of >experience, tell me once that the primary risk >of suicide came not at the bottom of a major >depressive episode, but when the person began to >improve; the pain and period of suicidal >ideation may be present during the worst of a >depressive episode, but the physical act >requires positive activity.

You need to look at exactly who is forming such an opinion. If antidepressants are given a black box warning, psychiatrists take a big hit.

It is psychiaty's best wepon to blame the patient. In the opinion of psychiatry, the drugs are never to blame.

If a drug causes suicidal ideation, its not the drug, its the patient, the drug simply gave the patient energy.

If a drug causes sexual dysfunction its not the drug, its the patients depression causing sexual dysfunction.

If a drug causes mania, its not the drug, its the patient who has latent bipolar disorder.

The notion that antidepressnats increase the risk of suicide only in that they give the patient "energy" is only a convenient theory that exonerates antidepressants from the possability that they actually *can* alter brain chemistry enough to push somebody over the edge.

Even Larry Hoover states that he had a psychotic reaction to Luvox. I wouldn't try and suggest that he had latent psychosis that the drug merely brought out, I would agree that the state was drug induced.

Now imagine that he wasn't a fully grown adult. Imagine he was being told that everything was fine. Kids don't always have the sensability to distinguish between drug induced effects and a natural feeling.

I personally had certain SSRI's induce active suicidiality. Ie before I took the drug I was just depressed but not suicidal, but when I started the drug, I became actively suicidal.

My experience is not proof of anything, but just my experience however.

>In other words, some people get so depressed >that they can't even kill themselves. You could >say, they don't have enough energy.

I just don't buy that theory. The "energy" it takes to swallow a bunch of pills is insignificant.

>Kid takes pill, kid commits suicide, therefore >the pill "caused" the suicide. Pffft.

I wouldn't shug off the possability so easily. It could be be a terrable mistake.

>I would certainly keep careful watch over anyone >with massive depression who starts a potentially >effective treatment.

I would peronally keep carefull watch over anybody who takes drugs that can massivly alter brain chemistry in a short period of time.





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