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Re: To the people who don't believe in biological dep.

Posted by linkadge on September 1, 2007, at 9:17:08

In reply to Re: To the people who don't believe in biological dep., posted by jhj on September 1, 2007, at 8:11:23

>There was a major study in real environment >starD done by NIMH.And after four phases 2/3 >patients reported remission(not >improvement).Majority is very subjective >things.There are countless studies showing >efficacy of all the drugs and advantage over >placebo.

I'd like to see a link to that. I remember reading some starD study but it lead to no 2/3 remitting.

The majority is the right word to use. There was some lady who essentially analyzed the results from all available published clinical trials on the newer antidepressants. Her findings were that when all clinical trials were considered, the antidepressants failed to outperform placebo.

>Well,i come from the country(India) where >psychiatry is discouraged and not >bolstered.India has taught alternative therapies >like yoga,meditation etc. to the world and they >are always preferred over medicines in India.Not >that i have not tried anything.I have tried CBT >too.But it is safe to say that >CBT,yoga,meditation are absolute piece of >rubbish that does not work.

For starters, its not fair to say, such and such is a "piece of rubbish that does not work". You don't know how well such treatments work for others, you only know how well they work for yourself. Just because a med, or a therapy doesn't work for you doesn't mean it doesn't help others.

Areobic exercise, such as running, is not the same as yoga. Running has been shown to increase PEA levels, serotonin levels, BDNF, GDNF, NGF, FGF-2, enhance hippocampal neurogenesis, regulate HPA axis function, alter serotonin/dopamine autoreceptor function, modulate gaba levels, increase nightime melatonin output, you name it.
Perhaps not everybody can run 30-45 min a day, but other exercises can help too.

Exercise is *both* a environmental, and a biological treatment. This demonstrates the inseperability of the two. Environmental influences can have real biological impact.

No, exercise may not cure you, but it can help some reduce their medication, it can also help some get to remission.

Second of all, there are other alternatives that have antidepressant properties. SJW for instance, has outperformed standard antidepressants in many trials, some even for severe depression. There are other alternative treatments like SAMe, that have helped TRD in certain studies.

Hallucinogens can produce remission from depression (albeit tempoarary) for some individuals, and they would be considered alternative. The antidepressant effect of other herbs has been established too.





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