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Re: beta carbolines to reverse benzo cognitive pro

Posted by linkadge on August 10, 2007, at 9:53:14

In reply to Re: beta carbolines to reverse benzo cognitive pro linkadge, posted by Quintal on August 9, 2007, at 21:18:51

>People have the right to deny it exists, because it honestly may not.

>Look at the title you chose for this thread.

I need to elaborate. When I say it may not exist I mean on an individual basis. I personally don't have too bad cognition on benzo's. My reason for this post was simply a pharmachological question based on what I had learned about the beta carbolines. Some people do complain of cognative problems so I was just wondering. This doesn't mean everybody has the problem.

>6,3'-dinitroflavone isn't natural, it's a >synthetic compound derived from a natural >flavonoid.

Synthetic or natural, I doubt it is side effect free.

>If this is true, then it bodes badly for you >with the much stronger synthetic benzodiazepine >receptor agonists. It's illogical that the small >amounts of low-bioavailability benzodiazepine->like compounds found in valerian and chamomile >tea would produce stronger withdrawal effects >than than larger doses of the more potent >synthetic benzodiazepines.

You are working under the assumption that the only mechanism of activity is benzodiazapine receptor agonism. I had worse withdrawl from SJW than I did from SSRI's, even though SJW has less effect on the serotonin transporter than an SSRI.

>I know you didn't say that, but it stands to >reason that someone who suffers such strong >reactions to Valerian and chamomile would fare >much worse with Klonopin and Valium under the >same circumstances.

Probably, but it depends. Valerian has effects of adenosine, 5-ht1a, gaba reuptake, gaba-a, bdz, and serotonin transport.

>Perhaps it's a blessing that your doctor, as the >guidelines recommend, has restricted you to >short courses of low-dose benzos so far.

I am permitted to take upto 1mg of clonazepam on a daily basis.

>If you'd been taking them for years at high >doses I feel sure your experiences would have >been different.

Have you been taking them for years? Unfortunately, "I feel dumber", isn't really a thorough scientific assesment. A few studies can only really "suggest" things. If you are about to jump on the bandwagon of some synthetic anxiolytic under the guise that a few animal studies suggest it is safe(r), than other pharmacuticals, you may want to wait a little while.

>How is this relevant? I'm not intimidated.

Well, I don't know what you mean by intimidate. I was simply stating that the individual allosteric regulation of gaba-a receptors may be of particular importance to the sensitivity an individual has to benzodiazapines.

>Same again. None of this changes the fact that >therapeutic doses of benzos cause significant >amnesia and cognitive impairment.

Again, you may want to use the word "can". Otherwise I will have completed a awefull number of cognitivly demanding tasts with significant amnesia and cognative impairment. Well, I guess thats a complimenent.





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