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Re: Am I already addicted to Effexor after 3 month

Posted by linkadge on September 26, 2006, at 17:09:16

In reply to Re: Am I already addicted to Effexor after 3 month, posted by SLS on September 26, 2006, at 12:53:08

>Yes. This is true. I wish I knew what the >percentage was of people for whom the withdrawal >syndrome was intense. Clearly, not everyone >suffers this.

No, but I don't know how many hundreds of thousands of people have signed petitions in agreement with the notion that the drug is addictive. A lot of people will have a very hard time getting off it, yet not tell anybody.

>The medical community does not define >it "simply" that way. Let's not act too cleverly >with words here.

I was simply using the definition you gave, which consisted of two terms. If effexor fits the one defintion, and yet is not addictive then this means that it cannot fit the other. Otherwise it satisfies both.

>Feel free to select any portion of a definition >you like.

Look, I am not picking and choosing. I took every one of the words that you used to describe addiction, and I described how the effects of effexor applied to it.

>Yup. You choose well.

I honestly don't understand what you mean. I went through your definition step by step.

>Here, you have to make a judgment regarding the >intended use and the end result. Here, the >intended use is as a medical remedy of a >recognized malady. The end result is, hopefully, >normothymia - normal affective and cognitive >function.

So your point is essentially that of the medical community. The medical comunity wants a drug to be one thing. That does not mean that this is what it is.

>You are right. Again, this might be a judgment >call. Cravings might be judged to be such if >they occur while someone is in a normal baseline >state. This is in contrast to someone feeling an >intense desire for a drug while they are in an >ill state.

But cravings can happen within 24 hours of missing a drug. So, for this to be considered abnormal, the person would have to be considered ill? This would imply that missing the drug will make you ill, which is physical dependance. So, either way you look at it....

>Normal desire -> craving
>Ill desire -> need

But normal people don't desire addictive drugs. People start to desire addictive drugs after they have been introduced to them. People are not taking effexor to cure effexor withdrawl symptoms. These symtoms are completely independant of the orignial illness, and cannot be attibuted to the original illness. As a result, you cannot say they that, at this point, they are craving relif from their original illness. Now they are craving relief from effexor withdrawl.

>Do people crave aspirin when they have a >headache?

How many bullitin boards, and how many petitions have been signed warning people against starting asprin for fear they they may never be able to stop taking it. Asprin withdrawl is nonexistant.
Again, nobody can be addicted to a drug before they take it either. We're not talking about a depressed person wanting relif from their original core symtpoms.

>Sorry, I don't get it.

You don't need to. Nor will convincing me that it is not addictive do anything. To straighten things out, you would need to convince each and every one of the people that have signed various petitions worldwide attesting to the addictiveness of effexor.

>Effexor is what it is: A very effective drug for >depression and anxiety disorders that can be >difficult to discontinue due to withdrawal >syndrome.

"withdawl syndome"....heh.





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